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[GIVEAWAY] - Twelve Days of Christmas! [ENDED]

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Merry Christmas. =)

(PS: Today is my birthday, so i guess finding this tread in the last hours was a nice present to me. ^^)

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Happy Holidays to every defender in the DD1 community! May you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, cheers to 2018! Keep defending! 

-Deathstroke 42 😁

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@Plane quote:


Hi, everyone!!  We'll be doing a special giveaway for twelve days:

 Day 1 - December 19

   ・ squirtlesquad wins an Azure Peak!
   ・ littlebaconbits1 wins a Staff of the Pumpkin King!

 Day 2 - December 20
 Day 3 - December 21
 Day 4 - December 22
 Day 5 - December 23
 Day 6 - December 24
 Day 7 - December 25 - Christmas!! <3
 Day 8 - December 26
 Day 9 - December 27
 Day 10 - December 28
 Day 11 - December 29
 Day 12 - December 30

To enter the giveaway, just post a message on the forums in the holiday spirit.  You can post "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays!" or you can post a longer, more heartfelt message.  It's up to you :)  Just post as soon as possible, and if you're lucky you'll win a prize!


  ・ Each day there will be TWO WINNERS picked at random.  On Christmas Day, there will be THREE WINNERS.

  ・ You can enter at any time, but prizes are picked every day, so enter ASAP!
  ・ Each player can only enter once.
  ・ Each player can only win once.


  ・ Prizes will be announced along with the winners each day, so check back to see if you won!
  ・ The prizes are a secret, but rumor has it Santa has something special for good boys and girls this year . . .

List of winners

  ・ Winners and prizes will be announced in THIS POST and added to the TRACE SHEET each day.
  ・ Trace sheet for winners: Dungeon Defenders - Christmas 2017 Giveaway Winner Sheet

Good luck, everyone :)  Make sure you tell everyone about the giveaway!!

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