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[Contest] Design The Next Event Item

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The Eldritch Sceptre

Upon the standing stones that lay outside the tavern walls came forth a rift from the space between worlds. As the heroes ran out of the tavern doors to see what the commotion was the rift quickly collapsed in on itself without a sound. As the apprentice examined the standing stones he noticed a small staff cast upon the cobblestone. It emitted a noisome exhalation of decay, a light that illuminated nothing. When he picked up the staff whispers rushed through his head in a language he could not understand. Wondering what it's purpose was and if it would be useful in their quest to defeat the old one. They quickly make their way back into the tavern slamming the doors shut neatly behind them bringing the sceptre with them as a very unlikely ally.


Hope you guys like the staff a huge thanks to Thales for making the item for me as i don't have DD installed at the moment let alone the DDDK. Some lore behind the staff i guess and reasoning for a few of the numbers. When i was big on farming crystal staffs we managed to roll a sup one with 331^ which is why the upgrades are set like that and the required level is 83. This is sorta like the reincarnation of that lost crystal staff back from the eternal void where items go when they are lost. 

Have a good day


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i just have an idea i think would be pretty cool for a unique item it could be an actual bow that you can right click to charge up like a staff and left click to do a standard attack or something.

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The Moonlight

Description: I’m unknown to man!

Module : Oculus of the geni king.

Orb in the middle should look like moon. Outside should be a dark blue with the handle being a black.


420+ in all hero stats.

3- in all tower stats.

Base 200k.

No elemental. 

Extra projectiale +7

Shoots in a circle pattern.

Ability stats are -150 

Orb glows brightly. Outside glows slightly.

Thank you. It was a dream of mine to make a event item.

Level requirements: 48.

I kinda need help making this. 

Add me on steam : Wolf

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Ok so... Everyone wants MY Pixel... So here is your way to have A Pixel! 



Item description 

Base pet: KittyCopter

Name: Pixel 

Description: A tinie tiny kitten

Forged by: Harry

Mana value: 2017

Quality: Ult++

Upgrade levels: 3/3

Clip Ammo: 210

Reload Speed Bonus: 75

Additional Projectiles: 6

Hero HP: 300

Hero Speed: 300

Hero DMG: 300

Hero Casting: 300 

AB 1: 123

AB 2: 500

Tower HP: -700

Tower Rate: -700

Oh and side note... it need to be HUGE (He's not BIG he's just FLUFFLY)

Hugs and kisses,

- Avonlea -

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