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Unholy Catacombe

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ok guys can anbody help me whit this mastery map  to finish  all c6 master i need only this map if you want help add me on game ing paraphysa txn

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@whaaaah quote:

@Zimmermann quote:

since im no longer playing, 


Hey sorry, im no longer perma logged in the forums and no longer visit that often.

Basically the game is objectively getting better, more in depth and complex (so I never felt the need to voice my concerns) but sadly its heading in the wrong direction for me personally. With mastery the challenges introduced came at a time where I simply could no longer commit as much time and effort to dd2 as I could in the past, and in addition to this they felt very forced.

What I mean by this is; challenges were all about having all the heroes with at least relics and shards, using all tower types and playing exactly the way trendy wanted you to. This is in stark contrast to what I enjoyed while I played, which was create a somewhat unique build and attempt to beat all content with that build. I remember the first time i beat Bastille, unholy catacombs etc with my frosty lightning aura build (which was completely underpowered back in NM4 days) and it felt great! (Though with that said, it was a much worse game overall and the balance was awful, so I would have todays version (pre mastery) any day.) 

Now the idea of a unique build on all maps is literally impossible with how mastery works. 

Looking ahead, it seems that onslaught might also be a case of using way more heroes then now due to the random lanes, so until i know more I might not be playing that either.  But maybe if i can make a build with just squire, monk and apprentice I would consider it

however.... the ancient power is something I do not like the sound of, as I am not interested in grinding thousands of ascension levels and gear to then delete for ancient power. But I need to know more about that before I make any real decision on it.

Anyway I have not fully explained myself here, but hope it somewhat answers your question, basically just not feeling mastery or onslaught from the little info we have of it thus far. Sad for me yes, but the game is better and everyone else seems to be loving it, so maybe it just time for me to find another game or wait and see with onslaught.

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