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Patch 1.2.2

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Greetings Defenders,

Patch 1.2.2 is out now! Based on your feedback we altered Mastery, made some general balance changes, and fixed some pesky bugs. Let’s take a look!

Mastery Changes

We’ve heard the feedback that all of you have provided for Mastery. A lot of you are really enjoying the mode and we’re enjoying the chance to watch you progress through it. We understand there are some things that could be improved and have made the following adjustments for a more enjoyable experience:

  • Not Even a Scratch and Perfectionist challenges now fails if the core falls below 90% health.

  • Players can only join during a warm-up phase, to prevent players joining last minute or joining mid waves and causing issues.

  • Selling the Abyss Lord’s Healing Well will no longer fail the Master Strategist challenge.

These are just some of the first changes to our newest game mode. We appreciate everything we’ve seen in regards to Mastery and are always delighted to hear feedback for ways to make it even better!

General Changes

Title Screen
We've added a leaderboard button to the title screen. You can use it to browse various maps as well as the current Mastery rankings!


  • Forest Biome

    • Defense mana given at the beginning of the map increased to 1250 from 1000 to match the Defense Unit cap.

Hero Changes



  • Geyser Trap

    • Trigger height increased.

      • This change was made to reliably activate when a dark assassin is on the player.



  • Sharpened Spikes Shard

    • Added a 1.25 second cooldown.

  • Heavy Cannonball

    • Stun removed

    • Fully upgraded chance to proc changed to 15% from 20%.

    • Fully upgraded tower damage changed to 1150% from 1250%.

      • This shard was previously a must for the Cannonball Tower, and made the Stun Fire shard obsolete. This change was made to balance shard utility while still packing power.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Hyper Shards had a sell price.

  • Fixed a Haunting Shard issue where stacks were not counted properly.

  • Fixed an issue on Xbox that was causing disconnects on the Power Surge incursion.

  • Fixed the location of the Party Leader icon, was previously appearing off-screen.

  • Fixed an issue where item inspect window would stay on the screen after exiting the inventory.

  • Obelisks can no longer use abilities and smite attack when stunned by EMP Kobolds.

  • Fixed an issue saving the previously selected game mode/difficulty.

  • Added sell timer within Scavenger UI for console/gamepad players.

  • Changed “Not Required Level” message to appear over tooltips instead of underneath.

  • Fixed gamepad controls shifting upwards on non-16:9 resolutions.

  • Fixed an issue on PC in the Emporium, when using a controller showed “Purchase Gems” bound to ‘V’.

  • Readjusted Pet Stats compare box so it does not go off screen.

  • Fixed an issue with how crowd control effects interacted with Chrome enemies.

  • Fixed an issue on consoles where the scroll arrows would be removed from the Hero Info screen.

  • Fixed a grammatical mistake in Mastery that gave the error message “These maps are currently unavailable”.

  • Fixed a split-screen issue where the HUD would disappear during the cooldown phase.

  • Fixed a split-screen issue where HUD elements would display over the Start Menu after a split-screen player leaves.

  • Fixed an issue where the player was visible when talking to the Gran Ma’ster in the hub.

  • Fixed an issue where Dark Assassins icon was incorrect.

  • Fixed a UI issue where elements that should not be interactable could be clicked on the title screen.

The feedback you all provide has been fantastic, and is incredibly important in us making Dungeon Defenders II the best game it can be. Thank you all for being so helpful!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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Sadly I got bored of Mastery mid M4, will we see some content made available for those of us that don't enjoy it? or those of us who no longer enjoy the very rigid choices involved in mastery (tower/hero choices etc).

I just cant will myself to login anymore, now granted I basically stopped playing C7 before mastery was launched as that was done to death, but I did not expect myself disliking mastery this much. Being forced to play heroes I dislike or building 1 of each tower... building 10 types of towers... is just not the game I loved.

I loved a game where I could play my specific build over and over, and on occasion branch out to other builds, now mastery was refreshing in M1 but then M2,3,4,5,6,7 is just the same thing over and over and over... and its not the type of thing I enjoy repeating. Yes there are some things I hate, but in general its more a case of "ugh i cant be bothered" rather then utterly detesting it. How the hell are any of us that don't enjoy it going to get through the remaining masteries? seriously I cant see myself even finishing M4 at this rate. Also the carrot on the stick is shards that are really not impressive at all.

Anyway I have been putting this off for a while now, as I don't want to sound negative and provide no real useful criticisms... but what can I say its just not doing it for me. I just hope I am a minority.

  • When will we get other content/onslaught/endless?
  • Will you buff the hyper shards?
  • Will we be forced to grind 600-700 points to obtain those better hyper shards if we want to stand a chance at future harder content?
  • Just let me buy them for 10k+ medals each LOL

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can you guys get rid of the 30 second build phase?? some of us aren't super fast at building. especially while I'm playing on xbox using a controller.

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Heavy Cannonballs where highly effective in C5 when dealing with assassins.  Now, not so much.

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