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Mastery Chaos 3 start?

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Prove Your Mastery Rewards, Mastery I Winners, and Updated Schedule!

We’re ecstatic that Mastery received a very positive reception! A majority of you enjoy the challenge it brings, and by overcoming these challenges you’ll be ready for what’s next. We received one specific bit of feedback about the ‘Prove Your Mastery’ progression event  the time it starts. Mastery II starts at 9 AM EDT on Wednesday, but the following Mastery unlocks (III through VII) begin on Saturday at 9 AM EDT of their respective weeks. Here’s the unlock schedule:

  • Mastery I:     October 11th  (COMPLETE!)

  • Mastery II:    October 18th (Started)

  • Mastery III:   October 28th

  • Mastery IV:   November 4th

  • Mastery V:    November 11th

  • Mastery VI:   November 18th

  • Mastery VII:  November 25th

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yeah awesome waited up till 2am for nothing because no info updates and 1.2 announcement says 25th

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