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Ps4: Looking for in game help (not looking to be carried)

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I couldnt tell you the last time I played this game (i think the meta had frosty mage towers mixed wit a couple types of traps or something).

With that said I tried to read a loot system guide for the new way to progress and I didnt understand it at all. I cant seem to even figure out how to look at the gear a toon is wearing, and i tried a nm1 trial (i used to solo nm2-3) and gor destroyed. I am so lost now!

So I was hoping someone who is well versed in this game and has some patience could add my psn, mic up, and help be my tutorial buddy. I could read and read and read but I dont understand SO much of what I am reading and cant ask a thread for clarification. Also, i have so many questions itd be rather hard to keep track of it all and ask on this forum, at least until after a nice crash course.

So if your end game and have a solid knowledge of the game, have some patience, and are willing to mic up so I could learn in a much easier way for me, please reply with your psn and i will add you :)

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