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[GUIDE] Easy Beta Testing

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Hello defenders. In this post I will be going over the easiest way to enjoy the Beta Patches that come out. A lot of people that I know don't like to play around on the beta patches because it is a hassle to need to constantly need to update the game every time they want to play on the beta and then go back to the live version. Here, I will show you an easy way to get around that. 

Creating a New Instance

By far the easiest way to play on the beta is to have two steam installs. It is very simple to do. 

  1. Download steam from here and install it to a new destination. It will default to Program Files (x86) but just tell it to install somewhere else. 
  2. Sign into your steam account like normal.

  3. Opt Into the Beta Patch by right clicking on Dungeon Defenders and clicking on properties. Then go into the Betas tab and enter in the code ilike2testing into the beta access code box. Then click check code. You will now be able to select the beta patch in the drop-down menu.  

  4. Play!

Now whenever you want to you can switch between the beta and the live version by launching your different steam instances. 

Transferring Saves

Unfortunately the beta doesn't quite share files nicely with the live version so if you ever want to have updated characters you need to do a little work. 

  1. On the live version, export your characters to Open. Then close Dungeon Defenders.
  2. Locate your live version save of dungeon defenders in your steam directory. My file path is - D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders
  3. Go into Binaries and then into Win32. 

  4. Copy these files to another location (like your desktop).

  5. Rename your copied files as such:

  6. Paste the newly renamed files to your alternate steam path. My file path is - D:\SandboxSteam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32

  7. Launch the beta and go into Open and look at your updated characters.

Reporting a Bug

If you encounter a bug and wish to report it please post it in the pinned beta post. Here is a guideline "format" for a bug report:

  • A screenshot of the bug if possible
  • Detailed description of the bug
  • What you were doing when the bug occurred
  • If the bug is consistent or not

Happy Testing! squire_small.png

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