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Tavern Scavenger Hunt!

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Greetings, defenders of the realm!  

I have been lately noticing the level of details and nooks in the tavern, and I decided a good way to share my discoveries was to create a scavenger hunt for the tavern, so you could all find them as well.

Whoever finds all the correct answers to the questions first wins (pride I guess?).  I may not even have found all the answers yet, so good luck!  They are not ordered in terms of difficulty.  Try to give just answers first (no explanations) so as not to spoil it for others.

  1. How many skylights are there? Hint: the one over the war table counts as one, although there is a second quite nearby.
  2. Who likes to drink beer with the knight commander?
  3. How many doors can we approach but not open? The doors to Town don't count.
  4. What does the cow have on its back?
  5. How many codgers are on the walls?
  6. What part of the tavern was built first?
  7. How many bookcases are there?
  8. Who is the source of the daily/weekly quests?
  9. Which shop is specifically open all the time?
  10. Who owns a green spiky monster blob?

Feel free to suggest your own items for the scavenger hunt!  I'll be happy to extend the list.

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Hmmm... all very good questions! How does this post not have any comments?

2: is it the largely built guy with white hair? I forget his name.

4: going off memory here, is it 6?

6: Is it the floor where the scavenger stands?

8.i don’t recall his name. But he’s a new NPC who wears black and flips a coin. He’s a shady character.... ;-)

9. Hmm... something tells me the answer comes from a conversation we have with one of the shop keepers...

10. I think it’s the pet sprites.

The ones I skipped I have 0 clue about. ;-p

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