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Black Mamba

[ W T T ] Coals for Diamonds

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Sitting on about 199 something coals need to make some inventory space.

Prices for Clean/Non-upgraded Diamonds:
Non-cap = 30 coals.
1-cap = 60 coals.
2-cap = 90 coals.

Prices for Upgraded/Non-Forged Diamonds:
Non-cap = 24 coals.
1-cap = 48 coals.
2-cap = N/A

Color doesn't matter. Post on this thread or add me here -- http://steamcommunity.com/id/pawanblackmamba

<3 Mambo.

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For now.
Also 1 Trillion Mana is the Banked limit, I'm already at 500B something LOL.
And you can theoretically store at least 250[shop] + 90[floor] + 87[inventory] coals without forcing a diamonds spawn, right now.
However this will be changed to infinite coal storage in the next update since it is getting a Diamond Forge where you can manually spawn a diamond rather than worrying about automatically spawning one.

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