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How much is a cube worth?

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Heya, haven't been too into this game in a while so I'm wondering how much a cube is worth in coals or other "currencies".


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@pra4 quote:

SIDENOTE: What maps are good for farming armor/weapons?

Right now, Moonbase Survival NMHC is probably the best way to farm armor. Mix mode is easier than having mix mode off but it takes longer to complete. For weapons, it just depends on what you're looking for. Akatiki, Moonbase, Embermount are some good maps to farm. Since you just recently got back into the game, http://dundefplanner.com/ (credits to Chakratos for the site and the community for the builds) is a site for builds on DD1. 

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Current rates:

Small Coal = 2 - 5 billion mana(B)
Coal = 10-15B
Cube = 5-7 coals, 6 is usually the standard.
Non-Cap Diamonds = 5 cubes.
1-Cap Diamonds = 10 cubes.
2-Cap Diamonds = 15 cubes.

1-Cap = Tower Damage must cap(800)
2-Cap = Tower Damage much cap along with EITHER -- Tower HP or Tower Rate being capped. In rare-cases some-people consider Tower-Range as 2-cap as well, but you're better off asking up-front.

Other than these, some currencies are now outdated/people don't use them anymore --

MK2 ~= 2-3 Coals.
Normal Eggs(costume ones) ~= 4 coals - 1 cube.
Rest Eggs ~= 1 coal or less.

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