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[GIVEAWAY] Polly Time! --ENDED-- Please collect your prizes!

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Hey Plane we just met the other day, thanks for the giveaway :)

SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/QohenxD/

items:  1º- Greater magicite of wind

            2º- New Patch Celebration

             3º- Rainmaker

It was my first time doing this map so i had a friend helping out, Holm! :p 

Screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/id/QohenxD/screenshots/?appid=65800                    


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Thank you for the giveaway <3

Items: 1. Rainmaker

           2. Mana master

           3. Greater magicite of wind

SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/neo96svk/

Screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1114421143




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  Thanks for the give away!

Item: 1. Rainmaker

         2. Mana Master

         3.Greater Magicite of Wind

Steam ID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/Schuermann11/



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Good stuff!




Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bryndomonium/


1. Battle Cruiser Debris Mask

2. Speed Freak Feather

3. Face of RNG

Thanks much for the giveaway!

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Hopefully not too late we will see

Proflie: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061605642/

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/N1zza   http://imgur.com/a/BVAvS

1) Armguard of fire

2) Armguard of Lightning

3) The rainmaker

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Hey everybody, it's time to post the WINNERS!!


I'll be editing the first post to include this info as well :)  Please add me on steam or find me in DD to collect your prize!

Full list of winners:
    0r1GiN4L1Ty - bLACK mAGICK
    4444+ - Fearsome Trainer Mask
    [GER] Michili - Greater Magicite of Wind
    [NiP]Bonaparte - Mr. Skelly
    Adrian22353 - Azure Peak
    airoh. - New Patch Celebration
    Allanon99 - The Cavalry
    ANGRY DOG SOUNDS - The Cavalry
    Antasco - The RainMaker
    AppLeS - Ball Blaster
    Area 51 - Lava Dancer Mask
    Atherial - Something Blue
    Aza - The Cavalry
    BionicCellar990 - Greater Magicite of Wind
    Black Mamba - Death Wish
    BOT Ninja - New Patch Celebration
    Broholm - Greater Magicite of Wind
    Bryndomonium - Battlecruiser Debris Mask
    ChronoTide - Arm Guard of Fire
    cpaxe97 - Staff of the Pumpkin King
    Craftboyworld - Dragon of the North
    Dark - Face of RNG
    Dark Dragon - Cursed Brownie
    Dat Moonwalk Junkie - Something Blue
    Dave456 - Death Wish
    daxthevaks - New Patch Celebration
    Deifele - Rockshatter
    dexters1066 - bLACK mAGICK
    DHG hybr1d - Glacier's Demise
    Diplokas - Vamp's Delight
    djrandyran - Blu
    DragonBoy530 - Glacier's Demise
    DRAGONSLYR711 - Boneyard Blade
    Eagleislove - Care Bear
    echelon78 - Black Satin Peak
    Edcorce - Greater Magicite of Wind
    Eremeir - Mr. Skelly
    Ethan - Staff of the Pumpkin King
    FalconNathan - New Patch Celebration
    FatNastyMan - Speed Freak Feather
    Fatpi - Something Blue
    fierryyy - Rockshatter
    haha - Genie King's Prized Jewel
    Hakon - Aladdin's Wish
    Hikashiro - Vortex Set
    Holm123 - Aladdin's Wish
    Holo - Greater Magicite of Wind
    Hype - Black Satin Peak
    I'm A Wumbologist - Care Bear
    Inferno.0b - New Patch Celebration
    IRBAlex - Celebration
    JayTac - Rockshatter
    Jibberish - Salem
    jimmywho2 - Glacier's Demise
    KBX - Something Blue
    killerkohli - New Patch Celebration
    Kirito (Punquake) - New Patch Celebration
    KYSBoyzz? - Glacier's Demise
    Lare Paharinen - Ball Blaster
    {LEL} Krazygrizzly2 - Azure Peak
    {LEL} Zezzer98 - Salem
    Lightning - New Patch Celebration
    littlebaconbits1 - Old One's Stache
    lolzcoolcat - Glacier's Demise
    MarkS - Arm Guard of Lightning
    mkjo - Captain Isom
    Mr. Fox - The Cavalry
    MSF-LeadCore - Aladdin's Wish
    Music to Me - Something Blue
    Mutantken - Azure Peak
    My life is a meme - bLACK mAGICK
    Nasako - Glacier's Demise
    Neckroh - Rockshatter
    Neo 96 SVK - Kraken's Good Eye
    NiceToEatYou - Mana Master
    Nofiox - Mr. Skelly
    Not Oskar - The RainMaker
    ObsidianTranslucence - Howling Werewolf
    OreoDayz - Greater Magicite of Wind
    Pjtor - Black Satin Peak
    pkt - New Patch Celebration
    Plasmid - Dragon of the North
    Poseidon - Amor
    pra4 - Glacier's Demise
    Qimbie - Salem
    Qohen - New Patch Celebration
    Riwar9 - Azure Peak
    Rory loves his cereal - New Patch Celebration
    rys.Batchry98 - Greater Magicite of Wind
    Sam116 - Howling Werewolf
    Schuermann11 - Azure Peak
    Sevenser - Howling Werewolf
    Sir John - Stieglitz
    Spidermane - New Patch Celebration
    ssubzzero - Vamp's Delight
    Stormy Owl - Vortex Set
    Stupid_beef - New Patch Celebration
    Tete - Howling Werewolf
    Thales - Aladdin's Wish
    theguru - Vortex Set
    ThePoet - Glacier's Demise
    Thottious - Vamp's Delight
    Tikolord - Celebration
    Travence - Mr. Skelly
    vetarN - Greater Magicite of Wind
    vilhelmes - Rockshatter
    volts - Groovy Mask
    WaffleCow99 - Rockshatter
    Washboard - Aladdin's Wish
    wayn3R_ - Glacier's Demise
    Westcoast59 - New Patch Celebration
    Whitensnake - Ball Blaster
    Whitepaw - Glacier's Demise
    Wick - The Cavalry
    WIZ - Aladdin's Wish
    Wolf - Mana Master
    Wolf_Eye - Ball Blaster
    Xenos - New Patch Celebration
    xentro01 - Greater Magicite of Wind

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Thanks a lot for the giveaway, Plane. I got super happy with what i got. Summoner_minimap_icon_c.png

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Thx for the giveaway, I hope it sees some increased activity on the forums what with the event

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Oh well... didn't get anything worthy, other than getting salty! :D
You can re-raffle the Death Wish I dont need another one! :D

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