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Black Mamba

[ W T B ] All Negative Cursed Pristine Boots. [ENDED]

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Thanks q_nibert for the piece!

Sup, I'm looking to change my current all negative Cursed Mail Set to a Pristine, for which I have collected 3 pieces already just missing the Boots. Therefore I'm willing to pay either of these:

  1. My all negative Cursed Mail Set, so that's a 4:1 trade in your favour, i.e. I'll trade my entire set for your boots.
  2. Or, this all negative Cursed Ember Quill -- https://image.ibb.co/bPBwhF/asd.png
  3. Or, 1 cube.

You can choose what you want as a payment, any one from above.
Feel free to add me -- http://steamcommunity.com/id/pawanblackmamba

PS#1: All negative means just all the 8 stats need to be negative, the resists doesn't matter to me.
PS#2: I will get an IC done before making the trade, even if its all negative; it must be legit.

<3 Mambo.

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*finds full negative cursed pristine boots* > *thinks it's useless* > *sells it for mana* > *sees post* > *trying not to cry* > *cried a lot*

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