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New chaos enemy: NECROMANCER

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Hell-o the next enemy in chaos should be Necromancer...


Orc skeleton= big skeleton

Human skeleton= small skeleton


Chaos version of dark mage

*Has bigger range

*Has same abilities but are green and stronger

*His mostly used ability is summoning


Summon skeletons:

More types...

1. Summon big horde of human skeletons

2. Summon some orc skeletons

3. Create small pool with Old One's symbol somewhere on map (have very big range) that spawn human skeletons, expire after 10 seconds, spawning one orc skeleton

4. When non skeleton enemy die in his range He revive him as skeleton

5. When he die He turn into big green pool (also with symbol of Old Ones) that spawn human skeletons with orc skeletons

Note: When player walk to these green summoning pools He is damaged

Hope you enjoy

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