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@Trendy Get the display of tower dps right

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thats a Thing that annoys me for ballistas and harpies for example. they have a downtime after they fired for a while but that is not displayed in the actual dps. i mean the go to formula is:

dps = (atk dmg+ critdmg x critchance/100)/atk rate

instead use

dps = [(atk dmg+ critdmg x critchance/100)/ atk rate]x dmg uptime/t 

dmg uptime + dmg downtime = t sec

so say we have 300 dps, a dmg uptime of 2 seconds and a dmg downtime of 1 second. then we have 300x2/3. so effectively 200 dps over 1 dmg cycle.

if the dmg uptime is not a set time, but a number of attacks then you simply Change:

Z = 0.2 seconds/attack = atk rate

Y = 10 attacks = amount of attacks till downtime

dmg uptime = Y  x Z - Z                      

                       = 10attacks x 1/5 seconds/attack - 0.2 seconds/attack                      

                       = 1.8 seconds

the atk rate is nothing more then a sort of cd that is triggered after an attack. the Thing is the first attacks cd isnt there. its like a loaded rifle. you dont have to load before your first shot since it is loaded already. if you have 3 attacks then the first attack triggers asap not consuming any time then you have to w8 0.2seconds second shot and another 0.2seconds.

for 10 attacks its the same. to make this formula now viable for Towers that dont have up and downtimes but a straight line of attacks when they are offcd, we Need to create a condition where

dmg uptime = H = 1


dmg downtime = I = 0.

since a normal Shooting Tower cant have a dmg uptime of 1 since the dmg uptime is just in the instant of the attack and not for a whole second we take the downtime as our base. So our condition is simple.

When I = 0, then H = 1. we dont Need an uptime if we have no downtime and if we have no downtime we just Need to set the uptime to 1 to not mess with the formula at all. for I = 0 and H = 1, t is 1 as well.

then we can finally have a proper Display of Tower dps regardless of the way a Tower works.

PS: could you add dps Display for all Towers, like for blaze, etc. as well. would be very convenient not to make the math every time i wanna know how much dps it does on average. not that its hard but its annoying if you have sth with Impact dmg and a dot for example or if its in the night i wanna chill and relax from the day not make math just to know how much dps my Tower is doing on average.

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