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Sir Pancakez

New Map Idea

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+1 Best map idea, I fully support it :)

We mentioned earlier of a frying pan weapon as well that shoots eggs or fried mushrooms or some other projectiles that would be a reward for this map.

So from our (somewhat lengthy) brainstorming, we came up with the weapon rewards, a pet reward and an accessory set:

Apprentice: Standard 4 pronged fork that shoots the 4 prongs as projectiles. As it will be the shape of a fork I'd like to keep the spread quite low on this. Description could be "Who brings 2 wooden sticks to a food fight?" Gotta reference chopsticks because chopstick fork pun :)

Squire: Frying pan. Personally I like the idea of shooting eggs when swung (as Plane suggested). No projectile speed stat. I also suggested maybe that the eggs could be affected by gravity to make it different to the E sword, but not entirely sure. The description could be " 'Bout to get panhandled "

Huntress: Syrup bottle that shoots pancakes as in the above post. Tasty. Description could be "Get sticky with it!"

Monk: Chopsticks. Projectiles could be huge grains of rice/clumps of rice (I had to suggest an Asian weapon, it was coming). Description could be "I didn't know how to use chopsticks, but the waiter just didn't give a fork."

Pet: A cow riding a carton of milk, or just a cow if that is too complicated. Could be a stat pet/could be similar to the pyro but instead of a flamethrower shoots a stream of milk, or could shoot milk cartons as projectiles.

Hat: Chef hat obviously!

Mask: An apron was suggested, but making this fit around all character costume models may prove troublesome.

Bracers: Oven mitts. Again this may prove troublesome to fit around all character costume models' hands, especially without clipping but its logical.

Shield: A wok. Please.

Set bonus: You leave messy footprints with flour scattered around them. Fades away after 2 seconds.

To add to the boss idea: A mega turkey with a chef hat on walks out of an oven angry that it was almost roasted. Follows the player, and takes % health damage if you lure it back into the oven, or onto one of the many hobs.

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well I had typed out a nice decently long opinion/feedback.. but.. woo forums \o/

Definitely could go for a shake up from the normal type of map, so definitely support food or cooking theme.  100% support.  Could go for a different model other than yet another turkey boss, but whatever honestly.  

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I'll stick with my original idea:

Frying Pan - stick/bow-type weapon  which shoots lightning bolts or anything unrelated. Makes no sense at all? That's exactly why I want it.

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