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What is the vision for DD2?

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Every update seems to be throw a bunch of random *** and see what sticks. This is apparent by all the back and forth changes that get made and the near unanimous feedback from players that goes ignored. How many times have we seen something change and then that change being undone and even go the opposite direction?

- Blockades (and all towers for that matter) used to be smaller.
+ They were made bigger in the "Ascension" patch that came out I think some time around October 2015. Then blockades were big, and had a big collision area.
- I don't remember when it happened but then they decided the collision volume should match the physical size of the blockade, and they made it smaller.
+ Now in the next update they're making the collision area bigger again. Can someone just make up their mind on this?

We saw the same thing with Poison Dart Towers.
+ They wanted to give us more blockade variety so they sold us this concept of the Towering Poison passive to buff up the HP of PDTs so the Huntress would be able to build blockades.
- But they left PDTs with very small agro so mobs would often walk by
- and they had the smallest collision area of any "blockade".
- I might be wrong about this, but I don't remember Towering Poison adding enough HP to make them blockades, either.
So they actually couldn't be used as blockades. But they specifically told us they could be used as blockades. People were excited about being able to use new blockades, and it didn't happen.

- And the PDT was useless. It did like no damage.
+ So they buffed it up and it became the most absurdly overpowered defense in the game.
- So they nerfed it, and it became utterly useless again.
+ So then they buffed it, and once again it became OP and was the strongest tower in the game.
And I'm not exaggerating here. They went from useless to OP to useless to OP again. These were not balance tweaks. They were very heavy handed extreme changes in the tower's DPS output. It's like Trendy thinks this tower has to either be the strongest tower in the game or the weakest tower in the game and there's middle ground. It has to be one of the extremes and they can't make up their mind which extreme they want it to be on.

Right now is a unique moment in the PDT's life. It doesn't happen to be the strongest tower in the game at the moment, but not because it received reasonable balance tweaks, it's only because they repeated these same mistakes again with the Weapon Manufacturer. Guys, learn from your past mistakes.

Then there's incursions...
+ These were obviously intended to be the end game back in the days of Nightmare.
- Then they were completely removed from the game.
+ Then they were added back in...
- ...but in the most meaningless way imaginable.

Same with Onslaught, except it's not actually back yet and nobody knows what they're actually going to do with Onslaught.

And what about Defense Speed?

+ Defense Speed used to be a stat in the game a long time ago.
- Then it was removed.
+ Then it was added back in but only slightly with the Stat Allocation System (SAS), and only a small amount of points could be put into it. It became a mandatory stat for all builders. Essentially it just meant that builders had fewer SAS points to play with because you didn't really have a choice here.
- Then the SAS was completely removed.
+ And Defense Speed was moved to an Ascension power and put back on Relics.
- But for whatever reason they decided Defense Speed should be near useless on slow defenses and insanely over powered on fast defenses. So much so that they had to put totally arbitrary and inconsistent speed caps on faster defenses
+ Then that didn't work out so they made it even on all defenses with consistent speed caps.
- But then CC towers were too strong with high attack rate so they don't really benefit from Defense Speed stats that much, and Orbs are totally useless on them.
+ But, hey, damaging towers still have a 4x speed cap, so there's still reason to use those Orbs, right?
- No, not really. Not when you're up to C7+. You can hit the speed cap without orbs. When you're in endgame and an orb drops, that's just a totally worthless piece of loot. An orb on its own cannot reach the speed cap so you still need Defense Rate to get there, but if you're using Defense Rate then you can hit the cap with other types of Relics.

What is going on over there at Trendy? It's like nobody over there has any idea what direction this game should be moving in they just keep throwing random stuff out there to see what sticks. But it's not like the playerbase and community is helping to steer the direction of the game either because sometimes even when something turns out to be a total miss they stubbornly stick with it without giving any reason. 

There used to be a roadmap, but it wasn't always kept up to date and now there doesn't seem to be a roadmap of any kind.

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We absolutely have a vision for Dungeon Defenders II. Almost all of the changes you mentioned are based off of the player feedback we've heard throughout our development. 

  • The blockade and PDT changes are balance-related, and balance is a constantly fluctuating beast (based on a number of factors, which includes community feedback and our defense data). 
  • Incursions were meant to be challenges, but they were never meant to be the endgame of Dungeon Defenders II. They were always meant to be fun challenges with rewards for completion, similar to DD1's Challenges. They're not meant to be the repeatable endgame content -- that's what Onslaught is for, which we had in the game but it didn't fully meet this goal. We're deep into the prototype stage for our Onslaught revamp, which we're hoping to share more details about soon. 
  • Defense Speed:  This was a decision dictated by balance and player feedback. Essentially, we didn't want a DD1 situation where Defense Speed would destroy the balance of our game. We had it in the game, and then we removed it because we saw that the same situation was happening. But the player feedback we heard consistently was that not having Defense Speed in the game as an upgradable stat was a step backwards from DD1. The current Defense Speed implementation is a compromise between our vision for DD2's balance and the community desire for Defense Speed. We don't always get it right the first time, which you pointed out in your post. And we might still not have it right. But, like everything else, it's something we'll continue to iterate on based on community feedback.

As for a roadmap of some kind for our future, that's something I'd like to share with you. No promises.

I hope that answers your questions! 

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You are complaining about a ton of changes done in a beta version of a video game? 

My understanding is that beta is used to test and try out new ideas.  While it is awesome you have a treasure trove of early access memories, you need to put the bias aside and view the game as it is now.  It is a new F2P game that hasn't even received its first major update yet! 

I argue that you are being too critical.  I played a lot of WoW and D3 beta and they both faced numerous bugs and a constant flow of changes, this is simply a process of game development.

If this is something that truly troubles you, I would recommend you do not test video games during their beta stage anymore.


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We just want something fun to do besides the same 4 maps over and over and over and over.

I miss Incursions.
At the moment there is zero reason to do them more than once. Period.

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