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[Giveaway] Order of Paradox Twitch Raffle - Cursed Brownie!!

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Good morning everyone!

I do apologize for our lack of forum posts... however... we have more things to give away for free!

This upcoming weekend we will be raffling off a Cursed Brownie and other toys.

In order to get a chance to win on the raffle you just need to stop by our twitch channel (link below) and use the !raffle command to enter. This will require you to have a twitch account. (If your twitch name and steam name are different, please include that in the raffle.. example:  !raffle DefNotHarry).  You can use the !rules command to see all of that info again in Twitch, if you need a reminder.

We have several other items to raffle off as well. The more people we get to join the raffle, the more items we will give away! 

Some of the items we might be raffling this weekend also include:

  • 5k+ Monk DPS set
  • Glacier's Demise (A pair of them)
  • NPC

So a quick recap:  Stop by our Twitch Channel OrderofParadox to see the !rules on how to register to be in the !raffle to win shiny items. 

Thanks to everyone who has donated items and helped to keep these raffles going!

Hugs and kisses,


(PS: Yes, all event items are traced)

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Morning everyone!

CONGRATULATIONS to the three winners!

This weekend we raffled off the Cursed Brownie, plus a Ball Blaster (from popular demand) and a Plout Onion (which Harry tells us is the best item in the game...)

The winners for this raffle are:

  1. Plout Onion - Spidermane(no monitor)
  2. Ball Blaster - Airoh
  3. Cursed Brownie - ToxicRadd

Thank you to those who donated items for this raffle!

We will be doing another raffle soon, and this time the main prize will be a pair of traced Glacier's Demises! And of course, the more people who have in the raffle, the more other items will we be raffled off... (We will make sure to keep everyone updated with more information when we have it!)

Hugs and Kisses to everyone,


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