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Loot idea?

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5 words...

Borderlands one and borderlands two.

Both these had serious in depth loot systems which scaled to the highest character in the game. 

rather than capping items as lvl 50 surely this can be extended? Bl2 used op mode 1-8 cant you have chaos 1 drops chaos 2 drops etcz

Or even just allow the level to keep ticking! Drop items that run of asc instead.

This allows a trading system - as you cant just trade high gear from your mate if your low level

Also if you make it so the item level can drop a few ahead of what you are - you want to try and level up to use it! 

Also stops leeching. If you scale to the highest player in that lobby...

Means matchmaking may have to be improved so you didnt end up with someone at 1000 as  if playing online and your at 3....

Just feels like it might be good.

Also everyone then knows what loot is better - the higher level! 

Might fix lots of mini problems! 

Just a thought is all 

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They have C1 to c7 drops? The key to stop leeching is to not allow people joing higher tiers unless they have previously beat all the maps in the other chaos tiers. People getting carried by friends will still do fine as they can carry np, the horrible leechers might have to l2p

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