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The DD1 player reunion thread

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  • 1 month later...

OMG it just drop a tear in my eye

DD1 a world with beautiful imagination 

community as a family

friends as brothers and sisters

DD1 has a special place in my heart that no other game will ever replace it

im really missing my friends :(

im really happy to participate on this thread Emoji_Huntress.png

ps3 player over 2000 hr with love ^_^

1st wave mistymare forest= lvl up heaven

demon lord rewars soul focuser=cool weap

Aquanos=broken map, but hard high lvl weaps to get, i farmed it i guess over 500 times never been tierd to play dd1

skycity=last hope but broken map impossible to do it on insane mode

pure strategy= hardcore defenders as you guys

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