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Paloverde zfogshooterz

Weapons that was introduced since Launch.

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You are awesome! Can't wait to see the new gear. I want that teddy bear weapon....so bad.

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Well, looks like due to RNGs and some tricky factor of determining which tier the weapons belong too, the time needed was much needed then expected or anticipated. I don't really want to keep you awesome defenders waiting. So...I'm just going to this the old fashion style! As many waves as it takes! :)

I'll update any new info I come across as soon as I can like which version of gifts a weapon started appearing! For now, what I've written is which tier I've personally gotten from. (Edited off for now)

Now, let's feast our eyes on the new weapons - wave 1! (Note that all subsequent images will be temp images. I'll do my usual version in time. Just not using a comp to be able to do that currently) All weapons listed here comes in legendary!


1.  The Plumber 

File:The Plumber.png

2. The Notepad

File:The Notepad.png

3. The Dictionary 

File:The Dictionary.png

4. Honey Comber After so long since it appeared in loading screens it's here now!

File:Honey Comber.png

5. Candy Crusher

File:Candy Crusher.png

6. Golden Gargoyle Fun Fact - Looks to be a redeco of Ghastly Gargoyle!

File:Golden Gargoyle.png

7. Dragon's Gaze - looks to be redeco of Dragon's Visage!

File:Dragon's Gaze.png


You can reference these weapons out by checking this out - 

8. Impaling Cutter

9. Spider's Fang (Check page 1 of this thread)

10 Mauled Cleaver

11. Harbinger's Fist

12. Harbinger's Punch

13. Chilling Touch

14. Kobold Klenser

15. Staff of Thrones

16. Sword of Unholy Fire (has a locked poison chip)

That's it for this wave, more waves to come! Stay tuned!

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It's that time again! The time for Wave 2!

At this point, since to determine which tier of gifts a weapon is from is quite confusing currently. And also I got some of the weapons from players shops which means I have no clue which tier they start at. So I won't be stating them for now. I will once I hopefully gather more data/info. Also, I'll edit my last post removing those.

Now, let's get right into the weapons!


17 Featherweight


18 Zeddy the Teddy (Gotta say, I dig this shield!)

File:Zeddy the Teddy.png

19 Dream Protector. It's has a locked oil chip, which is why it looks so weird.

File:Dream Protector.png

20 Jolly Farmer

File:Jolly Farmer.png

21 Slicin' Shot (it's one awesome sword!)

File:Slicin' Shot.png

22 Flaring Glaive. Fun Fact - it's a redeco of the Dimensional Dredger polearm but with a new design for its handle! (Also has a locked fire chip)



You can reference them here!

(Now I did not get them personally but I can confirm that some defenders I've met got them through the gift.)

23. Harbinger's Watch

24. Harbinger's Voidreaver

25. Phantom Phoenix

26. Summoner's Grasp (Well, a Chromatic Weekend Wind Down has confirm it for me :D)

Well, we have not hit 30+ weapons and also no Blue Raspberry yet, so there definitely will be a wave or two more! Stay tuned! 

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Those Squire shields are awesome. So happy that CG/TE put some fun designs in. Loving these weapons.

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And we're back on! It's the third wave! Thanks to a Juicebags video (link here), I'm finally able to track what I have collected so far and what I need to collect!

Now then, let's get to it! 


27 Blue Raspberry

File:Blue Raspberry.png

28 Shard Ripper (A DAMN cool bow!)

File:Shard Ripper.png


You can reference them here!

29 Jurassic Revenge

30 Toxic Shock (Has a Locked poison mods)

31 Dark Ritual Blade

And, also thanks to that Juicebags' vid too, the list of which tier of gifts each weapon is on is finally determined!

Mananode's Gift - Blue Raspberry, Honey Comber, Impaling Cutter, Spider's Fang, Mauled Cleaver, Shard Ripper The Plumber, Golden Gargoyle, The Notepad and The Dictionary.

Mananode's Amazing Gfit - Chilling Touch, Summoner's Grasp, Harbinger's Watch, Dream Protector, Jolly Farmer, Candy Crusher, Harbinger's Voidreaver, Featherweight, Harbinger's Fist, Kobold Klenser, and Harbinger's Punch.

Mananode's Special Gift - Staff of Thrones, Sword of Unholy Fire, Slicin' Shot, Zeddy the Teddy, Jurassic Revenge, Dragon's Gaze, Toxic Shock, Phantom Phoenix, Flaring Glaive and Dark Ritual Blade.

So yeah, most likely this is it for The Defender-Centric update weapons. I'll be focusing on the real pictures soon! And if there's actually are still weapons that I don't have out there, I'll post it here!


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As I've mentioned that I'll do, I've finally replaced the temp images of the def-centric update weapons with better ones!

So yeah......

It's about time! 

Now let's get to...........................

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Oh yeah! I'm back! It's definitely been a while and it also took a while to collect these new weapons! And a big thank you to those defenders who are willing to sell or trade with me some of these weapons! Wouldn't be able to post without you guys, so thank you again if you're reading this!

So yeah, the main reason I hadn't post this sooner because I wanted to post these weapons more in a group and as more Primes get released, I still have weapons missing from previous groups. But now I finally get my hand on most of them - Prime I to V groups is complete! I'm still working on Prime 6 weapon so I'll post that a bit later but the five complete groups warrants enough completion to post the first wave!

While I'm sure all of you know the roster of these weapons, these post's purpose is to show how they actually look in-game, outside of Icons!

Let's get to this then! Let's feast your eyes on these weapons - 


Ancient Vigilance

File:Prime I - Ancient Vigilance.png

Liberty Sword

File:Prime I - Liberty Sword.png

Kunai Striker (As I've mentioned in another thread, this is most likely flipped)

File:Prime I - Kunai Striker.png

Gilded Baron's Rifle

Prime I - Gilded Baron's Rifle.png


Neo Hunt Lord

File:Prime II - Neo Hunt Lord.png


File:Prime II - Deathwing.png

Bounty Hunter Gobu

File:Prime II - Bounty Hunter Gobu.png

Wave Blade - (Ooh, looks like there's a theme to the Barb's Tsunami Axe)

File:Prime II - Waveblade.png

Prime III

The Dragonist

File:Prime III - The Dragonist.png

Steam Saw MKII (It's apparently a callback to this - https://dungeondefenders.fandom.com/wiki/Steam_Saw)

File:Prime III - Steam Saw MkII.png

Iron Wolf

File:Prime III - Iron Wolf.png

Molten Embrace

File:Prime III - Molten Embrace.png

Prime IV

Avian Elementalist

File:Prime IV - Avian Elementalist.png

Night's Wish

File:Prime IV - Night's Wish.png

Angler Dynamics

File:Prime IV - Angler Dynamics.png

Rubycore Dagger

File:Prime IV - Rubycore Dagger.png

Prime V

The Conspiracy

File:Prime V - The Conspiracy.png

Dire Maw Bow

File:Prime V - Dire Maw Bow.png

Wave Dancer (The third brother in arms to the Wave Blade dagger and Tsunami Axe!) 

File:Prime V - Wave Dancer.png

The Bonding Blade

File:Prime V - The Bonding Blade.png

Man gotta say, those weapon looks pretty dope!

I hope you defenders enjoyed this gallery, I'll be posting Prime 6 as soon as I collect them all! So stay tuned and thanks for checking out!

Cheers! :)

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And finally! It's time for Prime 6 weapons!

I apologize for the massive delay there as there are some weapons that are pretty elusive.

And again, a big thank you to those defenders who have traded their extra weapons to me!

So yeah, let's get right in to it! (Gotta say, Prime 6 group has to be my favorite group)

Prime VI

Yves Serenity


Ancient Kris


The Chromatic

- Finally! After waiting for it since seeing it in the Protean Shift expansion trailer back in mid-2018! Thank you very much, CG! (Also is the name a reference to the company too?)



Fun fact - This is also a weapon from Terraria! (And finally, from it just something sitting as an object at the Wayfarer, we actually could hold it in our heroes's hands now!)


And also....not shown in the roster.....

we have Crystalline Weapons! (Also Prime VI Category)

Crystalline Liber


Crystalline Crucible


Crystalline Reach


It seems these Crystalline Weapons are Prestigious Weapons in DDA's Kickstarter Crystalline costumes texture. And so far only these three exist. (If there are others, feel free to let me know though.) I've also talked with other defenders who have grinded and they, too, only found these three.

So yeah, this possibly concludes Weapons from the Prime Incursion Update! Thanks for checking these out, and Cheers!

Edited by Paloverde zfogshooterz
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