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[Closed] Ult++ Leather Chestpiece, Tower stats.

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Found this nice piece in a Moon run recently.

All standard currencies are fine:

Coal and Cubes at 6:1, Diamonds at 5/10/15.

Item checked here. This'll likely be left up for auction for a couple weeks - maybe a little less or a little more depending on if there's any interest in the item. 

C/O: Lootlovinggamer - 60cv

**END DATE**: July 14th, 9PM EST

A bid within 24 hours of the end date will extend the end date by 24 hours.


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@Atherial quote:

this has pures radius characters name all over it....


Wow... thats like 930 radius or something... will fit your radius guy just perfect. Good luck. but if the prcie wont go up then Im gonna bid here aswell :P

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