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A returning players thoughts.

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Okay, so, I started playing DD2 at the start of early access and played pretty extensively up until the game turned into placing 2 PDT's in every lane and pressing G every 50 seconds. Once I heard the full release was coming I decided I'd see what's changed - and I've been surprised by both good and bad changes. I figured I'd throw some of my thoughts/opinions out there and see what everyone has to say.

The good:

  • The new loot system is miles better than the old one. My only complaint is that we really need iPWR back on gear so we can actually┬átell when an item is considered an upgrade (sell value is only really a true indicator when the items are the same rarity).
  • All defences being "usable" finally, although this joins hands with a complaint I have.
  • The shard system is pretty great, far better than passives in my opinion.
  • I'm a big fan of the ascension system (although it will mean that serious players are most likely going to be able to instantly crush the next highest difficulty released).
  • Some of the chaos enemies are quite well designed.

All in all, I'm quite impressed with the changes that've been made - I never expected things to be so radically changed.

The bad:

  • Some of the chaos enemies are sloppily designed hard counters that ruin the diversity of the game, when they're clearly supposed to be trying to improve it. I was excited when I saw I'd finally be able to make proper use of all the hero's defences - but that excitement quickly faded when I realised that in truth I'd be pigeonholed into certain builds basically all the way up until I had good enough C7 gear to kill everything by simply looking at it.
  • Lady orc's "sprint" seems to be incredibly buggy. I lost quite a few maps by them destroying crystals and upon paying a bit more attention I noticed that their "sprint" was sometimes pushing them all the way along one of my walls and past it - sometimes through an area that's impossible for mobs to get through. And when they manage to get through a wall near a sub-objective and kill it, they simply bug out and stand around for a little while before dying - presumably because their AI has no idea how they got there or where to go.
  • Forced, small map pools. I don't mind being forced into certain maps - but at least increase the pools to more than 4 per chaos tier, especially if you're already putting the same maps into multiple tiers. Preferably make every map playable at every tier (or at least the current highest tier) but make it randomly selected.
  • Siege rollers. This one isn't exactly a complaint directly against them - because I quite like them, but rather the fact there needs to be some kind of limit on them per round. While pushing into a new tier if you're unlucky enough to get 2 of them spawn at once it's generally game over - which is kind of dull, no one enjoys being screwed by RNG.
  • Assassins. I could write out hundreds of words about these - but none of it would be safe for the younger members of the community. They're a tedious, very not fun and unfair mechanic.
  • Fullscreen windowed still doesn't work. Quite honestly the biggest complaint I have is that this still doesn't work. Pls fix.

Anyway, there's my rambling. You've done a good job thus far, Trendy, but there's a long road ahead.

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