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Closed! WTA a few ult+ and ult++ pieces of loot.

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I've been holding onto a few pieces of loot and want to attempt auctioning them off. All of these were self farmed and have by IC'd by Plane shown below in this auction's comments.

Currencies accepted Coal,  Cubes 1 cube = 6 coal. diamonds 5/10/15.  No caps and single caps must NOT be upgraded, would prefer doubles to not be upgraded as well but will accept doubles upgraded if not forged.

Events... it really depends on the event and I don't know the prices of them.

I have a right to not sell if not satisfied with the prices. Auction will be run depending on interest and if they reach  a CV high enough I'm willing to sell them for.

End date will be 3 days from the last bid for the following. 

Clava's reached a price i'm willing to sell.

Current Offers:

killingislife ult++ mail gloves Were B/O

killingislife Ult++ leather gloves Were B/O

Dark Dragon  ult++ clava were B/O

Black Mamba Ultimate+ pristine chest 1 single cap.  Were B/O

Dark Dragon Ultimate+ plate gloves. Were B/O






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All 5 items are possible

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rip my bid.

what do you value YGK's carver and/or plutonian at?  both would be my own trace

Not too into trading those off so soon.. Can you also value cavalry? Traced and obtained from a recent auction of my own.

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Sorry fellows appreciate the interest but got a Buy Out offer that was too good to pass up, and no one else had approached me for a buy out on the clava and plate gloves. They're been sold as a result. I appreciate everyone who entered the thread and bid on my items.

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