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So far I really like what I see.

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Just played my first map and I really like what I see so far.  I am sure there will be plenty of other threads where people will criticize the game; however, I want to take a different spin and offer some positive feedback.   Trendy, you guys did a great job.  I realize it isn't finished and I am looking forward to future improvements.  You guys must have really been working hard. 

1. Love the new graphics and information layout.
2. Health meter on objectives and sub objectives.
3. I enjoy the graphics.
4. So happy that when you change the ascension points, the towers which were previously built don't need to be repaired.  On my first match I had to reassign my ascension points after building the map, and usually that would cause all the towers to be broken and need to be repaired.  
5. I like the font script between waves and before waves.
6. I really like the new targeting cross hairs. 
7. A mini map for the tavern!?  I like it!
8. Health meter on towers is much more visible and easier to read.
9. I am so excited to see the feedback at the end of each round.  I liked that from DD1 and it was a good decision to bring that back. It's good to know the break down of each game and how you actually gain the maximum amount of xp from each map.  Most experienced players already knew, but this is good for those who are still trying to learn the game.  
10. Ascension progression bar is in a clearly recognizable location.  

11. Assassins on Bastille made it interesting.  I like the addition of those on Incursion, because it made it a little more intense.  It wasn't the cake walk I thought it would be.  

I plan to play a lot more today and I am looking forward to discovering more good things about the game. 

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