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[WTG] 15 sup/noncap ult sets + 2 added

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Hey mighty defenders, 

Starting in about 5 or 6 weeks I will need to take a hiatus that will last around 6 months.  I have tons of fairly decent gear sitting around that I have been saving for this - I actually had hoped to run more MB to improve some of these sets.  To the point, I want to do what I can to help others enjoy their time here in DD.  So, I am going to give everyone a chance to pick up a nice set of mid-level gear.  As I fully intend to return to DD, this isn't quite a retirement giveaway.  This is more aimed at players who are just getting into Nightmare mode.  These will help get you started in fending off mighty ogres and slashing giant turkeys.  Below you will see links to sets you may win.  I will post a reply to this thread with some notes and disclaimers.   A quick note:  If you're currently sitting at 7k stats, this giveaway isn't probably going to be of use.  However, I welcome anyone and everyone to enter!!

If you win a set, you will also have the chance to choose one of many decent obsidian weapons (a rough guess I think 15-20 ults, 10 sups and 10 trans are of useable quality - I have plenty more if you have unusual preferences in weapons).  To be sure that each person gets a weapon with their set, I am going to limit it to one weapon per person.  If you win a set and use it for a barbarian, I apologize.  After all is said and done, I will see what I can do about a second weapon for those who may need it.  No guarantees.  What you see in the picture below is what you get. 

Q)  How do I win!?!?

A)  Simple!!!   I LOVE playing dress up in this game.  I know for fact I am not the only one - I have seen some downright amazing get ups out there on friends and strangers alike.  To win, all you need to do is upload a picture of your favorite character.  There are no restrictions - post anything you find appropriate.  Personally, I would love to see more focus on the cosmetics.  Your chances at winning will be exactly the same as everyone else regardless of your choice in post, so long as it pertains to your favorite character.  Feel free to add a story to it :)    

I will say just one entry per person for now - if interest is low, I will up that.  Of everyone that enters, I will add your names to a list and use a program to generate a number of winners for how many sets there are.  Please post your picture on or before July 4th 23:59 UTC-0.  Winners will be announced a day or two after that.

Finally, the prizes!  This first section of pictures (the tower sets) were taken with all 985 hero points in Ability 1.  This means that all sets here actually will have 985 less points in ability 1 stat.  If you don't know what that means, PM me and I can explain it.  The second section (the DPS and Ability/cast rate oriented sets) were taken with all hero points in Tower rate.  The number of upgrades posted is strictly for armor.    I will say again, as of this initial post, what you see in the pictures here are exactly what you will get if you choose the set PLUS your choice of one obsidian weapon.

**** TOWER SETS ****

Tower Set 1 - Leather                                  --------->    ~130 upgrades left >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Tower Set 2 - Leather                                 --------->    ~190 upgrades left   >>>>>>>> RESERVED

Tower Set 3 - Leather                                 --------->    ~80 upgrades left  >>>>>>>> RESERVED

Tower Set 4 - Mail                                       --------->    4 upgrades left  >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Tower Set 5 - Plate                                     --------->    ~35 upgrades left >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Tower Set 6 - Pristine                                 --------->    ~165 upgrades left >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Tower Set 7 - Pristine                                 --------->    ~35 upgrades left

Tower Health Set - Leather                        --------->                                   >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Non-cap Tower Set - Leather                     --------->    4 upgrades left   >>>>>>>> RESERVED

**** HERO SETS ****

DPS Set 1 - Leather                                      --------->    ~35 upgrades left  >>>>>>>> RESERVED

DPS Set 2 - Plate                                         --------->    ~60 upgrades left  >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

DPS Set 3 - Plate                                         --------->    5 upgrades left  >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Cast Rate Set - Mail                                     --------->    4 upgrades left - note:  >>>>>>>> RESERVED

Ability One Set 1 - Leather                          --------->    25 upgrades left  >>>>>>>>>>>>>> RESERVED

Ability One Set 2 - Chain                            --------->    4 upgrades left >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

**** Added Sets ****

Courtesy of Poseiden 

Ability Two Set 1 - Leather                          --------->    ~75 upgrades left   >>>>>>>>> RESERVED

DPS Set 4 - Mail                                          --------->    4 upgrades left  >>>>>>>> CLAIMED

Thanks for looking everyone!!!  Please see the post directly below for some notes, requests and disclaimers.  Good luck to you all and I am looking forward to seeing the crazy stuff you guys come up with for outfits.  

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**Disclaimers / Notes**  

-The accessories with each set are finalized - sorry, but I just simply dont have time or resources to try to find the most ideal accs for each one. Most all accessories here sit about 150-200 in their primary stat with ~100 in relevant side stats. These numbers are un-upped. Some may be missing one side stat, hero HP, tower HP, tower range, etc...  

- I reserve the right to change/add sets to this list. More than likely this will only happen if I am able to upgrade a set or add a totally new set. I will post far in advance before any major changes to the giveaway.  

- Because this would be a massive time sink to ask someone to IC all of this, I am not going to be submitting these. That said, I feel very confident saying 90% or more of the items here are self-farmed. The rest was bought from or gifted by reputable people that have several thousands of hours playing time.  

- Special thanks for Mambo for suggesting the idea for this giveaway (a few accessories are also courtesy of Mambo!).  Another special thanks to everyone that helps to keep the DD community such a great place to come and bash some baddies.


- If anyone knows of a great program to use for random selection, please let me know!!

-I have 3 or 4 sets that are almost complete, but are missing one single piece.  If you would like to help out with this giveaway, Please PM me to find out which pieces I am missing so that we can add another set to the list together :)   


Here's a link to my favorite character that I have :)     http://imgur.com/a/vXadW

**Current Entry List**  ----- if I miss your post, please PM me and I will update the list.  Ill try my very best to keep it updated.




-Deceivingly innocent

-Spidermane(no monitor)

-Pulchritudinous Washboard




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This is an absolutely fantastic idea!

I love vanity, and this game is no exception!

My favorite toon (tied*) is the first Summoner I ever made in this game, and I will do a little write up even though I don't think I need any of the gear (depending on how many entrants you get for this, I'll happily take one; but if you end up having more people interested than sets to give out, feel free to knock me off the list and not feel bad about it~)

Here she is; Darth Terra:


I picked the name because I had been playing a lot of Dissidia when the Summoner came out, and I wanted to pick a summoner from that series, but not have it be one of the more popular / most used ones (as I think I had already seen a couple Yunas, Rydias, and Aeriths running around public games (and even if I hadn't, I knew they'd be more popular ;p)). I went with 'Darth' to fit the 'Demoness aspect of the female costume, and the name stuck.

I also don't think her colors have ever changed since that first night of tweaking them. Purple and Green have always gone really well in my opinion, and I really enjoyed what the slightly lighter pinkish-purple-y color did on the wings and such, here. For a while I kept considering changing up the color scheme, but after too long with this one it just felt wrong to do so, somehow.

I knew from the very first time I saw one that this character needed a Terra's Magicite Brooch. The name, the color, the final fantasy references; I just knew I needed one. Took a few years (and a couple breaks from the game) to finally track one down, but now that I have one I don't think anything else will ever go in that slot. Though the other two slots I'd be happy to upgrade... if I can find better stats pieces that have the exact colors I have.

I've always thought that the Shredder Armguards and the Annatar Masks look absolutely freaking amazingly incredibly awesome on the female Summoner (the way your glowing yellow eyes jump out of the Mask's eyeholes at you. The placement of the armguards as spikes from the shoulders, and the menacing way they move around with the Summoner's arm movements. etc etc) so I was more stoked than I could put into words when I found those accessories that matched my color scheme perfectly. This is my second pink mask, and my third set of armguards (though the last one's green was a bit off, this one is perfect)

I'm sure I've gone on long enough, so I will let it be with that and let others have a go.

Here's a picture in the tavern with a little bit more 'natural' light (so you can see the colors on the accessories better) and Here's a picture of the naming structure on this Toon's Armor (and major props if you get all the references ;p)

(*Darth Terra is tied for my favorite toon alongside the (most recent) reincarnation of the very first Character I ever made in DunDef- which was a monk called 'Shenron' all the way back on the demo for the ps3. I have had a Shenron on every platform I've played DunDef on. And while he is squarely tied for my favorite toon, in my opinion Darth Terra looks way cooler at the moment because the next update isn't out yet and I can't yet have snow effects following Shenron everywhere he goes. Until then, Darth Terra takes the coolness cake, so it's what I chose to show off~)

Excited to see more! Long Live Vanity!


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Nice look and thanks for the entry :)   I encourage everyone to enter; the more, the merrier!  Sadly, I do not actually get any references in your gear names.  Interesting outfit and story.


That tool seems to generate pretty fair results.  Someone suggested I use excel's RAND() function.  I'll play with each and see which ends up with less deviation.

**Post Update** I fixed some broken links to gear sets - Please let me know if anyone has still has trouble viewing the imgur links.  The notation for replying to comments is giving me troubles - sorry if you guys get spam notifications.  

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WB7tiFT.jpgStory: I'm lazy so I re-used an old screen I took for a contest some time ago.

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Thanks for the entries everyone!!!  I would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word to newer players who might find these sets useful - your friends would probably appreciate it too :)   Good luck to everyone!

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Ever since I first saw the set bonus for the ember accessories I just had to make a hero themed around them, so I picked my monk builder. She is by far my favorite hero.

At the time of the update I didn't have the diamond & sparus you see in the picture so I had to farm up a usable ult++ red sparus, sadly the diamond isn't even single capping, but just look how red it is!

As for the accessories they aren't perfect but I'm very happy with them for now. Apart from the diamond I consider the set complete and I never get tired of looking at it.

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I always liked the way that headdresses looked on a jester and I thought if I have the headdress I should use a turkey mask. When I finally farmed a good one it turned out to be BRIGHT green. I thought, "hey I got a green bloodshot, why not go with a green theme?"

Now my beloved dps jester, Amarythian, has a nice green theme.


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Thanks for the newest entries :)   We have seen some very, very cool costumes!  I really appreciate all of you for making this possible.  Please keep telling your friends if anyone knows somebody who could use a new set of gear.   Poseiden has very kindly helped in completing two new sets to add to the mix!  We're up to 17 winners!  

It looks like I have everyone so far.  Please let me know if I miss your name or if you notice that I missed another person's name.  Thanks, warriors :)

I have been asked a few times about the state of the items in ranked.  The pictures in the original thread are upgraded in open.  Quickly looking through the pieces, a good 60% of the armor is not upgraded at all in ranked.  There are a couple sets that are fully upped in ranked, but most of the sets include 2, 3 or even all 4 not upgraded pieces.  Gives you a little freedom if you want to upgrade your set in a different way, but this also may hurt newer players.  

If you win a set and want it upgraded, I will try my best to accommodate what I can.  Please understand it might not be possible for me to offer upgrading all of the sets.  We have a couple weeks yet, but I just wanted to let you all know about this, since I was asked this more than once.  It is important to note that the "upgrades left" column is after the piece was maxed in its primary stat or reached its max upgrade cap. 

I also got asked if all pieces cap.  Most all do indeed cap.  maybe 10-15% miss cap by < 10 points.  The only set that misses capping by a noticeable amount is the cast rate set, which is noted by the link to it.  A good portion of these you will notice include an ult piece or two to account for the missed stats.  Some exceed the sup cap by a good chunk.

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Okay, everyone.. This will probably be the final bump!  I will be out traveling this weekend.  I will have very limited access to forums as far as I know.  I doubt I will be in-game at all.  I might post a warning a few hours before the deadline if I see a lot of new entries, but otherwise, I will just post the winners using that program mentioned by mambo.   I am still deciding what to do with any sets that might be left over.  I will either redraw and select people from here to win a second time or I may just give them out randomly in public games.  

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Good luck to all!  

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There isn't any real story to this character - still looking for some bracers that fit a little better, but for now I like my EV's looks a lot :)


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I know blue monks have been done multiple times before, but they look really nice imo. So I decided to make one for myself when I was fortunate enough to come across a Something Blue :)

I quite like the ballroom mask with it, gives a fancy party feel to it! I'm still looking for some blue bracers though, even if the black ones fit quite nicely.


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Alrighty, winners have been picked using the tool Mambo posted.  Starting tomorrow, I will message people to claim their choice.  TO help move it along faster, I will ask each person to let me know which set they want and I will hold it for you until you can claim it just to help speed up the process.  Weapons will need to be claimed in order, so that might take slightly longer.  The order came out here:

1) Talantmajr

2) Deceivingly Innocent

3) Spidermane

4) Pjtor

5) Supahmo

6) Airohhhhh

7) Craftboyworld

8) Pulchritudinous Washboard

9) Inferno.ob

THanks for participating, everyone!!  You all have very cool outfits :)

Edit:: I will draw winners from here for the remaining sets after those listed above have chosen.  I am going to open the **second** round of drawing to anyone else who might have missed the dead line.  Those of you who entered already, you don't need to re enter.  I will automatically add you the second round of selections.  Stay tuned for a chance at a second set - I am simply too busy to try and pass these out to random players in public games, and my goal was sort of to get people involved in the forums to help voice their opinions and such.  It just makes more sense to me to do a second drawing with the leftovers

to clarify this, Talant will go first in reserving his choice.  Then Deceivingly innocent and so on.  As far as when you pick up your winnings, it can be done anytime after your turn has been reached.  

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sorry all..  I really need to at the very least get everyone's reservations in.. So Please, everyone send me a list of your top 5 rank choices in the order you prefer them.  I am having trouble getting anyone to message me back.  If a few more days go by with this continued bad luck, I am going to simply go by whoever gets back to me first.  For now, I will try to go in order.  I apologize.  I know a few of you have unfortunate circumstances and I offer you my sincere apologies.  But I do need to get these passed out rather quickly within the next 2 weeks.  


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Alright, this is for really real the last bump ever.  I am having horrible luck getting anyone here to message to claim their prizes or even let me know what set they want to reserve...

I am now just going to open this wide open.  Anyone who entered, please message me here or on steam.  July 31st is the last day I will have access to internet for a while, so try your best to contact me before then.

Sorry to those who were drawn for first selections - I don't know what else to do. 

Thanks again for participating everyone.

FINAL EDIT::: anything marked as reserved here has been given to someone to hold for pick up at a later date.  There is one set left.  I will be giving this away in a public game or some other way.  Thanks!

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