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Chaos Gear Farming Guide

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Many people are curious how to get better gear in Chaos.

Here's the way I was taught, and has worked well.


First off, the game will look at your highest stat character's items, that you have equipped in your deck.

If you have Chaos level 1 gear equipped, jumping into Chaos 7 will not give you better gear.

The game will drop upgrades to Chaos level 1 gear in Chaos 7.

Therefore, it's best to stick to the appropriate Chaos level for your equipped gear.


  • Example: This item has an armor stat of 1,278.
  • Example: This totem has a stat of 4,286.

    EwXeETi2TM2i0_vTztcPpQ.png 1DNvY2xiQZSarmUmiT7W8A.png

Use a single character as a "junk" toon. 

  • Pick one character, and place the Highest stat items you have looted, on the "junk" toon.
  • Each time you get a higher stat item, no matter the quality, equip it on that toon.
  • Green, Blue, Purple, or Gold qualities do not matter. Whatever has the highest stat.

This character will most likely not be a builder or DPS.

They are simply there to equip gear on.

Don't worry about equipping shards on this "junk" toon.


  • Using the above examples, let's say you have 4 relics/totems equipped that are around 4,000.
  • The game will then start dropping items with a slightly higher stat, probably around 4,500.
  • As soon as those items drop, equip them on your "junk" toon.
  • Don't try to spread them out on all your builders.
  • The same applies to armor and weapon drops.
  • The game will immediately look at your new item stats, and give you better drops.
  • Rinse repeat until you no longer get higher stat items in the Chaos level you are in.
  • At that point, it's time to move to the next Chaos level.

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After doing some experimenting, sometimes sell values don't seem to reflect ipwr stats.

So i've had the best success just equipping the highest stat items myself.

To each his own I suppose.

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