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These pieces are just collecting dust in my box and they are pretty nice pieces that deserve new characters so...

I accept coal/cubes/diamonds at a 6:1 and 5/10/15 in value. Diamonds must not be upgraded and I will accept small diamonds with nice colors at 7CV. Don't really care all that much for events.

#1  http://imgur.com/lhRvsDC
CO: Marceline 15CV

#2 http://imgur.com/jhH02kF
CO: BellyFlopRussian 6CV

#3 http://imgur.com/xuO0BA9

#4 http://imgur.com/5ZUhtX6
CO: Black Mamba 10CV

#5 http://imgur.com/ekOJjIC
CO: nasteboyii 8CV

#6 http://imgur.com/L9jpRNp
CO: nasteboyii 8CV

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