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[WTB] Capping Ult Pieces/Sets

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Hello my fellow defenders, as in the title mentioned, I'm looking for capping ult pieces/sets for my characters.


for DPS I'm looking for atleast 200+ hp and ab2,

for Tower atleast 200+ sidestats, since I want to upgrade nonetheless.

I'm using these armor types:

  • For DPS --> mail, chain, leather, plate
  • For Tower --> mail, chain, leather, pristine

Sobasically any type will do, if anyone is selling a full set. For pieces those types mentioned above will most likely do for now.

I can pay in cubes. You can either msg me here or add/contact me via steam.

Ty for tuning in :)

Edit: Tower is done, ty Mkjo for the pieces/sets. I'll continue with DPS once I've more cubes again.

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