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WTA Perfect Stat Ult++ DPS Pawn (Closed)

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Auctioning this piece that I got by randomly joining a King's Game XD


Has been IC'ed by Plane: 


I reserve the right to keep the item in case don't like the final offer and so on.

Prices are as per usual, but in case someone doesn't know:

- 6 coal = 1 cube - diamonds 5/10/15 - events negotiable (I accept non-traced)

The Auction will run for around a week, ending at midnight 19/05 UTC +10

Happy bidding, make sure to tell me if i forgot anything :D


Current Highest Bidder: - Angry Dog Sounds with 9cv


Unfortunately, the highest bid did not match my reserve, therefore ill be keeping the item.

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Yeah Pawns basically completely tanked in value ever since ember sceptres came out and they became completely out classed on ev's, and belly crystal on old one was fixed. It's pretty unfortunate cause this pawn is amazing hero stat wise and not too shabby damage. I'm curious of what the reserve was.

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