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Ranked crash.. on mac and pc

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Stab in the dark here, havent played in months just would love to get it working again and play a little :) 

So im running steam on my laptop via OSX which is where i got 100% of my current hours for this game from..lots of great momories.. 

 I havent gotten it do work on PC side yet, however the same issue still persists on both ends. Perhaps because I tried to get into ranked from pc when i used a mac normally?

Basically  it runs and i select online and select ranked, the ding or load sound happens a couple times and it crashes, error report that whole thing. 

am i barking up the wrong tree here? unless the issue is the fact that once i play ranked on mac then i cant go to pc EVER then it should run fine? 

v 8.2.1

indeed the integrity of the game cache is verified

do i need to change something in the pre launch settings? Im no expert on pc side of daily play but Mac was a pain, verifying the game cache and even then the Steam Community thing didnt work properly but i played through it anyway and i am still hopeful i havent lost it all.. 

any responses are appreciated, sorry for the spelling its late, sorry if im not specific enough i do my best, to those who know me come play dd2 with me.. please

cheers defenders


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