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[WTA] Admiral djinn, Cursed Brownie, Care bear, and Groovy mask [Ended]

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So, I was going through and found these items from the old trendy sponsored events. Figured might as well auction them off since there are people who probably want to complete their set of old event items. hidden reserve. 

Auction ends 4/19 11:59pm CDT


All events were ran by myself, but for those interested in confirming, here are the traces:

Admiral djinn

Cursed Brownie / Care bear

Groovy mask

Accepted Currency:

Diamonds (5/10/15), Coal, Cubes (6:1) up to 20 cv, Ploutonion (10 cv), Ball blaster (15 cv)


Admiral - 20 cv LootLovingGamer

Cursed brownie - 75 cv Dark Dragon (Completed trade)

Care Bear - 40 cv Chakratos

Groovy mask 47 cv Dark Dragon (Completed trade)

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Oooh, this is going to get interesting and probably too expensive for me but let's get things started with

Admiral - 5 cubes

Cursed brownie - 5 cubes

Care Bear - 20 cubes

Groovy mask 10 cubes

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@Lootlovinggamer quote:

Just to clarify is it up to only 20CV in just cubes or max 20cv between cubes diamonds and coal combined?

20 cv for just cubes or coal. Don't really want to be trading for more than 120 coal or 20 cubes at once.

C/O's Updated. Reserve on all items met. Happy bidding everyone!

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