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Show damage numbers over 5000000

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Damage numbers over 5 million show up on the dummy, but they don't show up anywhere else.  My guess is that this was a hack to avoid showing mega damage used to insta-kill stuff, which had unintended effects when player started regularly hitting harder than 5M damage.  The way things are now, it feels like a bug.

If you don't know that damage numbers disappear over 5 million, it's confusing as a player.  "Why do my damage numbers not show up sometimes?"  And sometimes damage numbers are useful.  I'd like to know what my seahorse is attacking, and if I have hero boost on, the damage numbers disappear and it's hard to tell if I'm hitting the right things.  I've been farming WW campaign a lot lately, and the visibility on the bosses is kind of poor, so it can be hard to aim my mouse cursor at them to see their HP go down.  Seeing damage numbers would be easier.

I would like it if we could see damage numbers over 5 million.

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