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(WTA) ult+ chain gloves

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Im here with a auction for a nice pair of tower gloves my event prices are gonna be the same as my other auction that you can find here. 

ult++ and ult+ Armour

  • Reserved Rights to not sell
  • Past 10cv minium Bid increment = 5cv

Coal = N/A
Diamonds (5/10/15)
small diamonds = 5cv 

Wanted Events

  • Staff of the Pumpkin King = 40cv 
  • Alladin's Wish = 65cv 
  • Rain Maker = 1cv
  • Calvary = 35cv (Max of 2)
  • Fearsome Trainers Mask = 20cv

Unwanted (not accepted) Events

  • Death Wish
  • Bean's Mask
  • Vortex Hammer
  • Vortex Shield
  • Azure Peak
  • Salem
  • Mr. Skelly
  • Lava Cuffs
  • Glacier's Demise
Neutral Events will be accepted at standard market prices (maybe a little out of date) if you want to know the values of them ask me in PM's or just post below and i will price them so everyone can see. The second option is what i prefer.

The Item


C/O: 2 cube

have fun biding.


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I don't need anymore of the event shield so no i am not gonna accept it.

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@[Ger] Michili quote:

Damn. i was about to bid my rainmaker on this, but i won´t lead the auction xDD

yah right you were going to bid a RM on it. Also yah im startled you did not notice i litterally copy and pasted prices from the other auction. 

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