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Gear Cap for Public Chaos Trials

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I am currently pretty maxed out with c5 gear and all shards (except for a freaking range shard that simply won't drop for me ever) and I would like to play some C5 in multiplayer trails with others. The problem with that is, that all the time 1 or 2 people join that do not even have propper c1 gear and screw the entire game up by going close to cores when assassins hit them, or going close to ranged defences that are squishy when assassins hit them etc. or just increase the difficulty and have 0 impact on the game. This makes playing multiplayer C5 impossible. You can kick 2-3 people that join with absolutely no gear to have an impact, but after that the kick button gets grayed out and you cannot use it any more. Also the kicking will probably make some people feel bad, so to avoid that and to make it possible to play C5 with people that actually have gear that fits for it or gear that allows them to get upgrades in C5, I suggest we add a gear cap similar to the itempower cap we had before the update to public trails. Also this will help people to realise when they can advance in chaos tiers. Once their gear is good enough, the chaos tier unlocks.

Hope we can have that added soon.

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