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[Closed] Hero Boost Monk Set

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Hi All,

So this is a little more complicated to talk about.

Here is the set - http://imgur.com/a/cth8y

It includes an upped set of armor for a Hero Boost Monk.

It also includes one of two dps chickens for hero boost, and a sparus that you can also use for the set.

I am willing to upgrade the items if you want.

No points are assigned to hero stats.

I dont like straight boost monks, so this has resistances, and tries to only have positive hero stats.

I can't imagine this will get to events.
Price is cubes / coal / diamonds (4/10/15)
Coal = not more than 18 (1 cube = 6 coal)

Auction will end 4/2 at 10pm EST

C/O: 3cv - Chillitaco

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