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Maximized Window x Windowed Fullscreen with dual-monitor setup trouble

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so, I noticed, while playing last nite in maximized window, that sometimes my cursor shows up on the secondary display (ultrawide main to the left, fullhd secondary to the right)... and if I happen to click the mouse while the cursor shows up, DD2 loses focus.

So, once again, the problem is that DD2's native Fullscreen Windowed display doesn't work as it should (because it doesn't allow alt-tabbing away from the game without making the game collapse/minimize, AND it shows Windows' taskbar) but the maximized window also has problems of not properly containing the mouse cursor sometimes...

Native windowed fullscreen:


And I just realized that I need to maximize the window TWICE.... here, 1 "maximize"

Maximized window:


Notice how it's not truly maximized and there's some border going past Windows' taskbar for the left display?

Maximized for the second time (still need to test if the cursor problem doesn't happen):


Here, I've got a video to show =p (sorry for the lagging sometimes, old CPU)

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