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Loot drop system and Terraria Weapons discussion

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Warning, English is not my first language.

Hi, i would like to discuss about both the loot drop system and some of the terraria weapons (only got 2 of them) and i can't say i like those changes so far. First of all is the loot drop which is based on the gear of each currently equiped heroes in my deck, which for me doesnt make any sense and i would love to get a dev's or a response from the community manager iamisom on why they picked a weird drop system.

Why do i need to upgrade all my gear to C1 tier to even be allowed to get C2 to drop? i thought the map difficulty determines my loot quality (tier gear and such, not rarity) which would be C1 maps drop C1 gear and C2 maps drops C2 gear and so on. I've would be stuck forever in C2 if my friend didnt tell me about this loot progression change mostly because the C1 gear i found were so good (hero dmg + ability power) that i didnt need to change the gear in C2 (no good hero dmg + AP did drop), and i didnt see anywhere about this change so i assumed loot drop system didnt change other than the ipwr being gone.

If it is gear leeching on higher lvls map is the reason for this change then i can make a suggestion to stop leeching, a Stage/Map clear progression system which means you need to do a certain amount of C1 maps to unlock C2 tier and so on.

Example: Do 10 C1 trial maps to unlock C2.

Now i only use one hero because i feel like being punished for having more than 1 hero in my deck, gearing all my heroes with gear stats i want would take forever and it's just easier and way less of a chore to gear 1 hero than 7 heroes, since loot is somewhat rare i just equip whatever loot that drops on map so i am "allowed" to get better loot, which means i have to downgrade myself to be able to upgrade myself. I would love to have the old drop system (minus the Ipwr of course) back because then i can use all of my heroes without worrying so much about progressing while doing trials.

And now Terraria Weapons. Before the big update i bought Demon Scythe for 80 soul of night and 20 for portal staff, now since the demon book got converted into the new system, the unique shard it has gotten is probably the worst part of the weapon, fully upgraded does pitiful damage and a green C1 normal book deals the twice damage on the secondary attack, which to me is confusing, otherwise the hero dmg and AP it gives is really good.

The Portal staff is actually useful and nice gimmicky weapon that is fun to use, which is also just more powerful and useful than the book for some reason, even if the staff is 20 SoN and Book is 80 SoN.

(Also, is the 80 soul of night book weapon classified as C5 weapon or C1 weapon? i stopped using it because i didnt want to be punished for using that weapon if it counts as a C1 weapon.)

I would like to know if people find them useful or good.

Again, i apologize if my english is painful to read :)

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The loot system is better and eliminates leeching.
Back in the day people would just leech high tier games and not learn a thing.

It's much better now that people need to actually learn how to play in order to gain gear.
To be honest, the outrage on forums about map difficulty only supports my claim.

As for the Terraria and other pre-patch gear, just wait for Trendy to update the item drops.
They have much more pressing matters than adding new items right now.

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