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Loot and Shards questions (How to progress?)

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Hi Defenders,

there are so many threads with unclear infos here, so i get more confusing then informed.

So here a list of questions to get rewarded, progression and informed. :-)


S1. Does every shard dropping everywhere? (So i can farm Trails C1 all the day?!)

S2. Is there a higher chance getting rare shards like "defense rate" or "deadly strikes" on higher chaos levels?

S3. I mostly find more hero shards then tower shards, is this regular or did i have to equip the shards on heroes to find more tower shards? (like loot progression)

S4. If shards have loot location tables, which wiki is the most updated or which you are using?


L1. Does better loot drop on what i am wearing? (if yes then...)

L2. Is it "active hero" or "active hero deck" or "whole hero deck" based?

L3. Did i have to upgrade gear to get better one?

L4. What is about the dps chars that dont wear medallions, did get only the highest stat on a medallion on any hero in deck into the loot calculation?


G1. Is anything of those answers changing in next update?


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Here is a list of shard drop location :


Note than shards containers can drop anything from previous difficulty. For exemple, C3 shard container can drop C3, C2, C1 or campaign shard (better chance of C3 shard, though).

Green or blue shard drop is only affected by luck, not gear.

Loot you drop depends of your hero deck gear. Each difficulty also has a max value you can find here : 


You don't have to upgrade your gear, but it can speed things up. I don't know how heroes like Gunwitch affect Relic drops.

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