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Second episode of: The 7 layer of cheese. (over 1Billion damage)

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PRE-PATCHSTORY of "4mill-dps-volcano-that-dont-seem-right-video?"

The defenders and gobu reached the first and second layer of cheese.

But then a new enemy ascendent uppon etheria.

This is where the story is currently:

Set on headphones and turn on sound. Start video, scroll down slowly.

Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngPandynator: I'm not going, i'm never let you fight the tank alone.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Listen Pandy. You have to get out of here now! You don't have a say in the matter.

Emoji_Monk.pngZimmermann: But Gobu, we can't leave.

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Tank: If you think your little friends can escape, you are sadly mistaken.

*shoots rockets*

Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngPandy: Zimmer watch out!

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Tank: This time your auras won't come back!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Zimmermann NOOO~

Emoji_Monk.pngZimmermann: aaaaaaahhh~

Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngPandy: Zimermaaaaaaannn.

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Tank: Hahahahahahaha.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Gobu stop this!



Emoji_Monk.pngZimmermann: Help me~ AArg.






Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Tank: hehehehehehe, up goes the Monk~

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I won't let you get away with this.

*goblin sounds, alot of goblin sounds*




Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: You gobu, gobu, GOBU!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: you ...

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: How dare you.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: You will pay for this!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: You PAY for this!


Emoji_Monk.pngRemembers Zimmermann: Help mee~ AAAH!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I will make you suffer!

Emoji_Monk.pngRemembers Zimmermann: GOBUUUUU



Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Go, take Mama with you and get out of here NOW!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Find Argick, find the Petire and go.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Rrraar

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Do as i tell you right now! Before I lose my little gobu i have left!


Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I will never forgive you for what you have done.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Now you will know the GOBU!!! GOBU!!!!

Handsome Isom: As the Goblin Tank pushed Gobus rage to new heights.

Handsome Isom: And can Gobu avenge the life of his close friend Zimmer.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: All this innocent defenders you shamelessly killed, even Zimmer.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I'm not going to let you get away with this.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: For ETHERIA!!!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: You can destroy auras.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: But you can never destroy what i am, gobu.

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Roller: You... what what are you?

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am the hope of the Etheria.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am the answer to all the weak defenses which cryout for DPS.


Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am protector of the Goblins.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am the green in the trees.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am truly...

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: ALLY TO DEFENDERS!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGOBU: NM TO META!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: GOOOOOOOBUUUUUUUU!!!!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: For the sake of the goblins, and the defenders, andall the countless helpless people you mercilessly killed.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am going to make you suffer!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: This is the end for you gobu!

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Roller: You... what what are you?

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: You should know by now.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am a goblin, from Etheria.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: And i came here to beat you.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: The anger you caused me, has awaken the legendary defender in my heart.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am Gobu.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: And I am a GOBU DEFENDER!!!!!




Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Roller: I'm going to blow you to pieces.

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Roller: Just like that little bald guy.

Emoji_Goblin.pngSiege Roller: Hehehehehehehehe.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: What do you mean?

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: You talking about Zimmer?

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Thats enough gobu!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Don't you dare talk about ZIMMER!!!


Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: Listen, he took me from my father.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: When i was just a little boy.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: He made me do what ever he wanted.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: He said i shall kill my father but i didn't.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: I did everything he said but he killed him anyway along with everyone else!

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: He is scared of us.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: He is scared of the Legion.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: That we will rise up and overthrouw him.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: Gobu.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: Please destroy the Siege Tank.

Emoji_Kobalt.pngRandom small beaten up range goblin: He made me what i am.

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: For him and for everyone else you destroyed!

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: I am going to...

Emoji_Huntress.pngGobu: Finish you!

What will happen next?

Will Gobu and the defender ascending the third layer of cheese?

Will they finaly destroy the Goblin siege Tank?

All this will be answered in the next Episode of Gobu Defenders. IN 7 DAYS!

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(Disclaimer: i have no max gear, only ascension 250+, and not every shard, so the damage can be higher easily by alot)

The 7 layers of Cheese: Episode 3 "The smell of cheese"

This video took an ascension too, new music, slightly different story plot, similar to the first but still different. Gobu

Set on headphones and turn on sound. Start video, scroll down slowly.

You are going to love this, trust me.

Gobu : What you seeing now is my normal gobu state.




Gobu : This is a gobu,


Gobu : And this! This is what is known as a gobu which has ascendant past an gobu.


Fozzie : Ouhu oho.

Gobu : Or you can just call this a gobu too.

[TE]Dani : What a useless transformation, you changed your eyes, so what?

Gobu : Just wait.

MamaTata : Has she really found a way to surpass an ascendant defender? Is that possible?

Zimmermann : She must be bluffing.I mean, what would that make it, double ascendant?


Gobu : AND THIS ...

KnowsNoLimits : What is she doing?

Gobu : ....IS,

Gobu : TOGO,






Dani : Ooh!

Zimmermann : Nnh.

Pandynator : Aaah!











Gobu : I'm guessing an ascendancy is not much of an challenge for you, so how about i take it up to the next level.



Fozzie : Oh!!

MamaTata : It's unreal! How is she generating that much power!?


Vagnar : It feels like the whole world is shaking appart.

Vagnar : What is Gobu doing, if she doesn't stop this, everything is going to be destroyed.


CookieBinger : What's going on?

CookieBinger : Gobu is burning out even more energy then before.


Elandrian : No, stop it Gobu!

Elandrian : If you do this now it's going to drain away all the time you have left inEtheria!

Elandrian : And I say you need every second of it as it is.


Fozzie : Oh!!

Gobu : I won't let you (remembers Zimmermann)

Gobu : Guess i keept you waiting for a long time whaaaah

Pandynator : Do it Gobu!







Westenra : eh.

Zimmermann : Th.

Zimmermann : Do what?









Gobu : I am sorry that took so much longer then the others.

Gobu : But i haven't had much time to farm.

Gobu : This is what i call super cheese 3.

Gobu : I am ready.

Gobu : Show me what you got Trendy.



iamisom friend : THE POWER OF A GOD:

Gobu : Let's say i got a taste of something called super cheese gobu.

Gobu : And now i learned to jump into that power on my own.


Ice : So that's what it is, blue tasty flavored cheese.

Gobu : I think it is time you stop talking and taste it too Ice

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hahahaha...this is awesome!

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