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Just a few Suggestions for Trendy to think about and possibly consider

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-Aura/Tower AoE - currently the maximum number of enemies that can be targeted by an AoE tower or Aura is 8 and during the last dev stream someone mentioned a balanced alternative to 8 (400 just isn't balanced, sorry).  I wanted to you to consider leaving Campaign progression at 8 maximum targets, but starting with Chaos 1 increase it by 4; then an additional +1 for each Chaos level after 1 (Ex.  Chaos 1 = max 12/ Chaos 2 = max 13/ etc) all the way to Chaos 5 having a max of 16.  

-EV2 Weapon Manufacturer Aura - while this tower is very powerful it is extremely costly to your build limit.  Because of this I wanted to recommend making Weapon Manufacturer an exclusive tower (like Colossus or Obelisk) so it can only be placed once, then decrease the additional node cost from 20 per node to 10 per node.  That would make the tower cost 80 DU. As a small side note to add to this suggestion should you decide to use it, make Mega Death Laser fire for a bit longer and increase the distance the nodes can be placed from the Weapon Manufacturer.  

-Goblin Siege Roller - this is without a doubt the most difficult boss enemy that can spawn on your party.  I know you have decreased the maximum number of them in 1 wave from 3 to 2, but that (to me at least) seems like to much still.  Having to deal with a Siege Roller every wave is tough enough, but when you add in the possibility that your final wave can still spawn two and wreck you; it feels as tho your not being rewarded from higher than average odds (yes that happened to me in Chaos 2 and I hated it).  My suggestion however is not to reduce number of Siege Rollers to 1 per wave, but instead to limit the number of Siege Rollers capable of being spawned to 2.  So if wave 3 spawns 2 Siege Rollers you will be Siege Roller free for the remaining waves.  It still presents the possibility of a very difficult wave, but gives the players a higher chance at survival.  I am not suggesting this change for the ridiculously geared players, but instead for the ones just making their way thru Chaos like myself.  Beat my first series of Chaos 2 maps yesterday. Whoohoo!  

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In a week or so you're going to be more troubled by the mob clusters than any siege roller.
They are really not hard to deal with. Biggest issue is that most players don't have any health.

Pick up one or two items with hero health and ignore the rollers until the end of wave(s).
Even the ogres are more scary as they can easily jump and destroy an entire lane of towers.

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