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New idea and change the combo of monsters each week to make the meta feel fresh

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one week it mite be a easy combo 1 week it mite be a hard combo or even harder  so it fits all new/exp players

or maybe down the road add  map mods to c5 like monsters do more damage or more life or faster whatever else we can come up with to add a challenge to the game and if u win u get more gold or legendarys or xp

make it so u need to farm normal c5 trail runs and u have a chance at getting a mod key with x amount of charges

ik waves atm have mods but i mean harder mods u can put on trails

this would add a real challenge/end game  for exp/hardcore players

so mod keys will apply to all lanes

now mod keys can be combined to a max of 5 also have a option to combined 5 random ones to make a mod key that u can not see whats on it but for doing so u get way better rewards also for endgame using a mod key with 5 combined mods  u must do 5 trail maps in a row without leaving 1 map to get the reward  which will be a enchant 

when i think of more to add to the lists i will

list of enchants

add 1 more sock to your weapon/armour/relic but have a chance at failing which will destory the item or leave it as is but cant be enchanted again

gives 1 item 5 more upgrade levels

list of mod keys

monsters have a x% to dodge projetiles                  ///// monsters have more life

monsters have a x% to dodge channels                  ///// monsters do more damage

monsters have a % shield                                          ///// monsters

monsters take less damage from all heros            /////monsters

monsters take less damage from magic heros     ///// monsters

monsters take less damage from physical heros ///// monsters

monsters run x% faster                                            ///// monsters

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I am not sure I clearly read your whole post (got a baby on my lap)

But what about simply rotating the core new monsters into C5 excluding assassins and berserker orcs.

So we would see each chaos rotate the other core monsters, EMP orcs, Goedes and vanguards. 

So with the new changes planned going by the last update, what about the following changes to C5:

week one:

  • Assassins, Berserker Orcs, Cyborks

week two:

  • Assassins Berserker Orcs, Goedes and vanguards

Week three:

  • Repeat of week 1 etc.

In addition Choas 1-4 would also undergo such rotations, just C4 without Assassins, and C1-3 without Berserker Orcs and assassins.

[[4370,users]] any chance we could see some rotation for the sake of variety and diversity :P

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Stop bumping your silly thread. It's a good idea but a lot of work for barely any gain, especially at this point. Lets first balance everything properly.

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