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Bosses stuck in spawn temporary solutions, please trendy? :)

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i will suggest a fairly simple temporary solution to this untill you can get a proper fix for the issue.

you could simply make bosses die in the same manner as regular units when everything else is dead

or my preferred option to avoid just cheesing the bosses down by waiting for them to die, is make it so that bosses that doesn't move out of the spawning area for 1-2 minutes die by themselves. 

another possible option would be to temporarily remove siege rollers since the others doesnt take that long to kill when they are in the spawn area, but then again i like having the siege rollers around,  just the part where they get stuck in the spawn and its actually faster to do the entire map all over again than actually kill it behind the spawn :P

this really needs to be done ASAP, especially with the siege rolles since it would literally take you 30 minutes to kill one behind the spawn area with an abyss lord. 

this bug has been around for ages and its the most annoying one of them all in my opinion. so trendy please fix? :)

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