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Thoughts of the new dd2.

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This post will be about positive and negative changes for the new patch in dd2. It has received a lot of negativity and not much positivity and i would like to give a little there too.

So a long with the new update, a lot of cool changes happened in my opinion which, i would point out.
Lets take the positive first.

1: We got the new bags system which i am a fan of. Enjoying having 3 huge bags (by default) instead of lots of smaller ones.

2: Upgrade system has become so much more effective now, and most people who had lots of gold (myself) can now spend them on some usefull.

3: Acsension level is like 50/50 for me. I enjoy we now have something else than just gear to farm for, but i still kinda dislike it aswell. Still i would leave it on the positive side.

4: Monk has become funnier to play due to their right click are now usefull and they have the cool effect they can double jump.

5: So before the update i've complained about the game not being hard enough. It is certainly been that now. BUT! that becoming hard also came with some negativities which i would point on later.

6: Shards... I love them so far and thinks its a cool way to customize your gear fit for your hero. Tho i still think the RNG is a pain in the ass since in most games my RNG are poorly low.

Now to the negative changes according to my opinion.

1: I really felt sad about the term "builder" aren't really in the game anymore. Ofc you can mix your Acsension level to become a "builder" but not like what we used to know and how big effect that a real builder was back then.

2: Removing a lot of weapon effect also got me disapointed a bit, or atleast those who effects were pure DPS. I could understand the effect that had to do with towers got removed.

3: As many have complained about, most of the towers now have become useless in higher ranks of Chaos which i can agree on. Even some heroes are now scraping the buttom, of almost being useless with their towers that i feel it aint fair at all. So i hope some changes will be done there.

4: Melee dps has gotten extremely hard to play, in terms of survival when getting to higher ranks of Chaos without our old SA being able to heal us. I know there still are lifesteal/leach in the game, but that effect/shard are random now. So weapons who had them before now lost it.

5: Gamemodes.. Yes lots of cool gamemode and their features got removed after the new update. I feel kinda sad about it due to some of them were just cool to do. Such as golden pets in Onslaugt. Incursions has now also gotten useless because no good obtainable gear there either, so terraria weapons will not be bought anymore since their stats are that low. (Tho i have no idea what you guys have intention to do with Incursion and Terraria weapons)

6: The removal of spheres. Yes that has a huge impact on the game as we hardly can customize our towers/heroes a much as we could with spheres compare to shards in my opinion. (that also has to do with effect weapons getting remove that has to do with towers) and the fact that shards now are RNG based compare to spheres were obtainable through gold and medals (also old incursion coins)

7: No longer iPWR in the game i feel can also have a effect on how geared you are when you get up in higher ranks of Chaos. Because you would like to know what iPWR your teammates are. (but not a major negative change)

If the community has any postive and negative opinions that i haven't pointed out, i would gladly read them. So feel free to comment what's on your mind, so Trendy Entertainment can read them. (case they stumble upon this thread)

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