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Bunny costume for Squire

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@Caimen0 quote:

Because there were game crashing bugs, a completely stagnant and honestly extremely boring metagame, and an over -reliance on one map for a majority of progression.

Derailing much... -.-

Isn't it obviously that I'm not talking about bugfixes? -.-

The completely stagnant and boring metagame still happens for new players, it's always the latest map which you have to run to become a metagamer since rewards are pretty close or better than existing best weapons to offer previous metagamers something new to farm for after they have played the game several thousands hours. Obviously metagame gets boring after hundreds of hours playtime on certain maps. It's the same for Embermount...

Also nice that you talk about Lab Assault... Instead of adding better and better stuff... why not nerf the single one which is by far way to OP. It's a good start that map exclusive accessories are (being) removed from Lab. One reason less to run it even though progression gets a bit harder. Another great thing would be to remove the possibility of U+/++ armor on that map. So metagame focus more on survival and/or other campaigns with a little increased U++ reward rate. (Until now I got 2 ++ armor pieces as reward from campaign, WW and Aka)

Did you had no fun playing DD v7.5 for several thousands hours? I wonder because many players seem to forget their playtime while talking bad about the original DD.

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I have a better plan:

  • People should stop whining about not including costumes. There were plans for eggs to be reintroduced, and that's the fact.

  • CDT should hold a poll and ask the community for their opinion.

  • If majority(51%+) of the community votes for making the costume available, then do that.

  • If it s a tie, let CDT decide what should be done about the costume.

  • If majority(51%+) of the community votes for NOT making the costume available, then lets not have this discussion ever, or at least until a year or two.


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