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Returning player advice?

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i just started playing this again after long break as i liked several of the latest changes like the gear-shards, paragon-like leveling system ect. I love that i can finally equip 1 hero to do dps, build walls AND dp towers all on one char.

i had several lvl 50's with decent nm3/nm4 gear, but sadly with the removal of all spheres, ubers, legendary item skill-addons ect. pretty much most/all old build tactics became obsolete. It was said that we could get some sort of compensation to start right away with the new item shard system for our lost old skill spheres ect. But what i got was around 13m of gold (i assume it's quiet alot, as i had almost all spheres for all original classes) and a bunch of what seems to be "starter" shards which only give slight to medium stat boosts, but no new effects.

I managed to complete some chaos 1 maps pretty easy solo, but the drops there seem horrible and the only working tactics i found so far are building walls and doing most damage with my heroes, as most projectile towers don't seem to work anymore due to those shield-goblins. Also for some reason, dps'ing on either a squire or better even my abyss lord seems to be much more efficient and faster than a huntress now due to their huge attack aoe radius.

my best dh relict i have currently after upgrading them to max is at ~4500 health, and my best dp relic at around 4.1k dp. I get around 900k blockade health (1.1m on the orc warrior) and around 11-12k dps on lvl 0 towers. How does that roughly translate to current itemlvls and which difficulty should i be farming with that and how?

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