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[Giveaway] DD Valentine's Day Poem Contest

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Good morning,

Kana from Order of Paradox here.. and it is time for another give away.

This time its all about the poems...

This is a simple contest, all you need to do is write a poem... a love poem to anyone you want. But it must include references to Dungeon Defenders... such as:

Roses are red, violets are blue, i love jesters, and you are awesome.  (bad example.... ignore that example... horrible example.. please write better than that)

You will earn extra points if you get a cow pun into your poem.

You will also earn a couple extra points for mentioning any of the following:

  • Acen's newb godly set
  • OoP Twitch stream
  • Being super cheesy
So that is pretty much it... Write a love poem to someone, super cheesy, use a cow pun, talk about DD, poke fun at acen... make us laugh.

We will choose our favorites and the top 3 will get an event item (traced).

The best poem will get an Amor (traced)

The second place will get a Something Blue (traced)

And the third place will a Death Wish (traced)

Contest ends on the 14th (Valentine's Day) and winner's will be announced on 17th or 18th (depending on my work schedule >.<)

Hugs and Kisses all!


PS: Your poem must be in English or French.

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Dear Trendy...<3

My Name is Andre and you might not even know me, but you made a great Game and thats why i love you.

I think for you i dont have to explain, that you are realy awesome and in some kind realy strange.

The First game you made was awesome as f*ck,but with youre second game tho you didnt have much luck.

Anyway i dont care about that cause the first one is so great that the second one is already forget.

The name of the Game i dont have to tell you.., cause you already know about the game and its Value!

I think i am not the only one who loves only you, cause you have a great community that loves you too!

That should be the end cause i have no more ideas, sry for bad english that might here appear.

And if this poem is not cheesy enough, i have to thank Oop for making me write that stuff. xD

I am not only in Love with you and Oop, I also love youre super great Community.

Also i should not forget to mention that, Acen's newb godly set making me clap.

I thank you for Every map that you gave us, For Moonbase and even for Sky o Loves Madness...

I played youre game for such a long time, and for some people this might be a crime.

But let me tell you i dont care what they say, cause you are my love at the end of every Day.

Actully i am not very good at english so i am very sry but i give this one a try :D

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Edited with latest verses:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Acen is jerk

He makes Harry do all the work

Atlas is a meenie

because he has a small weenie

Caimen is super lucky

but his skills are super sucky

on stream avonlea is is always bubbly 

and pixel just looks so snugly (<---cheesy bonus point?)

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You're just like my mana,

You're plentiful and fill up my bank.

Just ignore the fact that the opener didn't rhyme,

because our DD builds just chime.

Acen's "newb" godly set,

Isn't as adorable as how your propeller cat gets pet.

If only those radiant blue eyes could be seen,

On the OOP Twitch Stream in my screen, (#KanaCamOrRiot)

So i could watch you call an evil cow, a De - mooooness with a 666 tower damage stat.

Unfortunately, I still don't know what rhymes with "Kana", but we can still chat. ;)

PS: #Lea, Pixel, Kana, Rubby Cam Or Riot

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Sonnet—To OoP

Let me be now the first to say to you,
You entertain us almost every day,
For like a cow goes moo so do you too!
We all hang on to all the words you say.
When on the stream you show us pixel's cute,
Or when you play DD like noob or pro,
When Avonlea so shamelessly recruits,
And Kana tells a tale—so apropos!
It's Rubby's fault, kick Hento, give-aways:
Your stream is truly one to watch—such fun!
My morning starts when you get on to play
And likewise evening sets when you are done
Before I end I'll say "Acen's a noob
And please pick me! Or not." Three cheers for OoP!

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Dear Acen,

This poem is for you because i can see everyone is making fun of you

i dont even know why or who you are but i wanna tell you that

you are my third star just like a maxed out spider

I would love to watch the Oop Twitch stream but im busy feeding my cow

Acen´s newb godly set is such wow just like my first ult++ boots

If im going to die in a war of the Djinn let Acen know that i love him :)

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Poor M

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I'm too cheap for gifts, Avonlea gets no shoe!

The stream is much fun, oh holy smokes,

And I'll never forget, those old red strokes.

DD and Garry's mod, even Terraria,

Each night with OOP is quite the affairia...

Every single time, its a raucous assembly,

And most of the time, it's even child friendly,

Puns there are a plenty, making it rain,

Laughing and sighing, but mostly pain,

Kana tells stories, and asks about all our dinner,

Moobot's cow jokes, and announcing the winner,

All the bad things, blame them on Rubby,

And Pixel is cute, just a little bit chubby,

Avonlea and her spreadsheets, full of detail,

Grande blague, sur le bétail

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Boon neca!!

Nice to see my godly see is getting the attention it is due. :)

Harry's poem inspired me to write a quick little poem of my own in chat earlier today.


And since so much talk about my noob godly set, might as well post a pic of one.


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Avonlea its hard to see,

An event making more history,

when Acens set,

Is a part of the bet,

But that doesn't matter,

There is more to this platter,

Mooving on so swiftly,

This feels like its turning fifty,

Shades of grey but thats okay,

For this is for you,

What else is there to do,

Once a year you will always here,

Someones devotion,

Causing a comotion,

While we oop all day so you can play,

For our enjoyment and our way,

Of life in the dungeon,

If you get what I say ;)

Valentines is near,

so one last thing my dear,

Thanks for the fun,

And all the of the runs,

Taught me so much,

And how to clutch,

On to a game,

And I hope you reach the fame!

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My Poem

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Caimen's internet sucks.
His ping is almost as bad as acen's radius.


Which is more depressing?

Boon Neca

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Dear my beloved Labrunners,

Etherial Traps kill you,

Thats what you tought,

Even if you weared a Something Blue,

At least thats what you tought.

But for now i can ensure you all,

even if you used Acen´s newb godly set,

and this is a safe call,

you won´t even need a pet.

If you tryed the first time Evs chrushed you all in an instant,

it wasnt easy,

to master this map without equipment wich was decent,

But now it´s all being super cheesy.

Now you may ask,

Is it hard to bring in here the words OoP Twitch stream,

You are right, but i am the right man for this task.

And because i am running out of enthusiasm- I will now go realax with a lot´s of sour cream...

But one more rime i will grant ya´ at all,

to again yell out loud, whats been in my tought.

If the spike damage returns just give me a call,

and i will be there for you... If you can pay me with the cubes you bought.]

[Edit: the sour cream was tasty. Actually i had some potatoes too, but that would not have been fitting in this horrible peom.]

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Your skin is the opposite of grubby

Your hair, so delicate and nice

I sometimes want to shave it off and eat it like rice

When I hear your voice during the order of paradox stream

My heart pounds, pumping with blood and what I am going to dream

Kana may be great, but you are better

Don't tell him because that may change tomorrow nights weather

When you tell me stories to put me to sleep

I dream of you, I'm definitely not a creep

Always wonder if my basement is okay

As you sleep in it after a wonderful day

Rubby, you better read this and cry

Because if you don't, I will die



Votre peau est à l'opposé de grubby

Rubby Votre peau est à l'opposé de grubby Vos cheveux, si délicats et agréables

Je veux parfois le raser et le manger comme du riz

Quand j'entends ta voix pendant l'ordre du flux paradoxal

Mon coeur bat, je roule de sang et ce que je vais rêver

Kana peut être génial, mais vous êtes mieux

Ne lui dites pas, car cela peut changer demain soir.

Lorsque vous me racontez des histoires pour me mettre à dormir

Je rêve de vous, je ne suis certainement pas un fluage

Je me demande toujours si mon sous-sol est correct

Comme vous y dormir après une journée merveilleuse

Rubby, tu ferais mieux de lire ça et de pleurer

Parce que si vous ne le faites pas, je mourrai


(P.S. Avonlea, I better get extra points for using google translate and bringing the French translation here. :D )

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I know its a last minute entry again,

but you will get much love from this fan,

The stream is late for me at darkest night,

Going to bed is not in sight,

Avonlea and kana are the best,

Sometimes I'm in there as guest,

The reason why I love this stream,

is everynight I have no dream,

I just look into my followed channels,

and see a big ol` bunch of mammals,

only one of em is sticking out,

of all the puns in there I`m proud,

It`s the twitch channel of OoP,

they are a pretty funny group.

Once in a while they pull a rubby,

their giveaways are pretty chubby,

tho mostly in the streams i`m missing,

and they always end when I am pis... tachios ice eating,

Shoes and diamonds from me is what they want,

But I'm no wizard I dont have a wand,

but just like Harry, I agree,

there should be a certain fee,

to own this special sort of sets,

but the owner doesn't have regrets,

Even if their quality's quite high,

I still do really want to cry.

The only set there is for life,

which not only for me applies,

Is cursed and really nothing else,

Cuz the other sorta smells,

I'm not talking about you or me,

but a member of the CDT,

Yea, he is sometimes is amazin',

And I am talking about acen,

But all the time hes tries to bait,

Cuz the update's coming late,

As a Texan he should know,

how to raise and milk a Cow,

All these Jokes are getting out of hand,

But I really do not see no end,

Easy peasy lemon squeezy,

oh i forgot to mention cheesy

Now this jumped a little far,

like avonlea when using spacebar

To make this poem was quite fun,

Does it include a single Pun?

If no, then now is time for it,

There is a Bird whose name does fit,

Yes I know child friendly stream,

I should go back to bed and dream.

The End.    -Moonwalk 2017

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1st. ThePoet/mylittleself

2nd. Hentoue

3rd. KGTheNumbers (notsure)

4th. Mutantken (notsure)

Randomwinner Atherial

Winner of hearts (harry)

If you want to make sure who won you can also go back and rewatch the stream, its pretty near the end. Overall the stream was awesome :)

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