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Escort mode

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That isn't a bad idea. However, there is the issue of the tower placement constantly changing and no actual "defending" side of the gamemode. This is my edit (If you don't like it, I understand. No two people are the same, physically or mentally.)-

You have a pit with an Eternia Crystal inside. The Old One's Army is trying to push a bomb (Preferably with a texture similar to the Kobold's bombs) into that pit. You have to make sure they don't capture sub-objectives on the way, or they spawn from that former sub-objective's location. When mear the last point, there will be an alarm type of sound that will warn the players. When the bomb isn't being pushed for 10 seconds (Peferably), the cart moves back slowly at a consistent speed.

Sorry for messing with your idea, but this way it keeps the "Dungeon Defenders 2" feel. After all, you are defending for the entire game, and payload isn't a bad idea.

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Yes! I would love this.. So what I am thinking is this


Escort the payload before the time limit has been reached, but have the maps be huge which will give you more time and more foes will try to attack it to damage it, then explosion. KABOOM! ~ bling king.

Anyways, that's just one thing you can do in the game.

Next thing shall be the exact opposite. Having those pesky little goblins push the cart filled with bombs and explosives, and if it gets into the crystal's radius it will damage or explode the crystal itself.

Problems are, you would have to have defenses always on it and you would need some supportive ones doing down the line of where the goblins either come in to stop you and your teammates from pushing the payload.

Same way for the goblins pushing the cart full of explosives into your crystal. Need defenses to mow them down. Unless you're always focused on the cart/payload.

But you're thinking,

"of course we need defenses for the other places of where the enemies come from"

Yeah yeah, I guess you're right.

Anyways, I think this is a great feature and should be implemented in the game.

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