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Mr Dealer

what is the price of small diamond ??

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Small Coal usually sells for about 3-5b each. However, I don't believe that to be true anymore(from personal experience).

About 1 or 2 months back when I spawned my first(and last) Small Diamond, most of the small coals I bought for exorbitant prices like 6-8b simply becasue not enough people are willing to sell them. And the only guys that will sell you for 3-5b are the ones that have done WW on a non-NMHC difficulty just for the sake of it so they only have 1 or at the most 2 Scoals. So getting them by the dozen you will have to fork out quite a bit of mana than usual simply coz supply and demand, LOL!

I'd say if you are hunting for a small diamond, just spawn it yourself. Do 4 runs a day with emulators, takes about 2 hours at the most assuming each run to be 30mins(I averaged at around 18mins per run), so 16 Scoals per day, so you can wrap it up in less than 6 days give or take.

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