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Ult++ Tower Plate Helm (Over 1190+ TD) [ENDED]

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Over all farming, for Mr.Moonwalks contest to find the best Ulti++ Airship Spear, I acquired an ult++ piece of armor (Which is shown below.)  Yes, it is self-farmed from Sky city NmHC Surv. It has a hidden reserve and I have the right to stop/cancel the auction. 

Original: http://prnt.sc/dmbq0r

Upgraded Tower Damage in Open: http://prntscr.com/dmhejc

Upgraded AB1 w/ resist in Open: http://prntscr.com/dmpkyu

IC: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=534

New rule, action will extend another 6 hours if someone bids within auction time frame to negate auction sniping. 

--------------------------------------------------------------END DATE: JANUARY 1ST 2017 -------------------------------------------------------

-----------------Accepting ----------------


Coal- 6:1 (Max 3cv)

Diamonds- 0/9/15 


            - Aladdin's wish 55 CV

            - Rainmaker 165 CV

            - Magicite 110 CV

            - NPC 100 CV

            - RockShatter 70 CV


Winner: April with the bid of 160 cv

--------------------------------------------------------------END DATE: JANUARY 1ST 2017 -------------------------------------------------------

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