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[CLOSED] [WTA] Argo, Archimedes, Mephisto and Nargi [Exclusive Pre-order Pets!]

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Greetings defenders!

Current highest offer 90CV

In my first auction ever i will present you:


(No ingame images posted to negate Dupes!)
As you can see on the wiki these could only be optained through pre ordering Dungeon Defenders from Different shops.
I bet you won't ever see a full set of these for sale anytime in the future. (I guess^^)

I am mainly searching for Event items but i will hear every offer from you :)

I preserve the right to let the auction run until im satisfied with the offer

Happy Bidding!

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@johan_kid quote:

Okay. Was that through pm... or? And also: What does the offer consist off if I may ask?

Yes it was through pm (I dont know why everyone wants to keep it a secret^^)

He just say´s he bids 65 CV he didnt declared of what his bid consists of sorry :/

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well... was it that much different back then before i arrived on forums? Or is it even weird for the past to bid privately, not say any names & just sell it without saying anything. Well, sad i may have bidded later- no enddate no bid, for me.

But all this hide and seek sounds fishy( and that wasnt solved by the auction- it was you), just so you know chakratos

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@chakratos quote:

Since this whole auction was kinda fishy i´ve sold it to one with a buyout price.
As he wished i won't do any name calling.

The fishiest thing is selling to someone who wants to keep their name secret.

I am sure this is not the case but that sounds like someone who might wish to  prevent people tracking how much they are spending as they have no obvious means of generating such currency.

It was however nice to see a new item on the forums. I hope it went to a genuine player

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